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November 17, 2017

Ken S.

Dear Dr. Arthur,

I certainly wouldn’t expect you to remember me. In my case, it’s coming up on two years now since you performed a total hip replacement on November 11th, 2015.  I would not be at all surprised if you hear from any number of patients of your who tell you they only wish they would not have waited so long before coming to see you. It was certainly true in my case.

Other than a relatively challenging first week or two after the surgery, I felt so much better that it motivated me in an incredible way to be the best “post-surgery patient” I could be. What you did for me motivated me in another way, as well. As I began the process of healing & doing my post op exercises & stretches, I became determined to start eating healthier & drop the burdensome weight that probably had much to do with my needing to have my hip replaced, in the first place.

As I recall, when I weighed in for my pre op exam, back in October of 2015, I weighted approximately 235 lbs, fully clothed.  Today, I fluctuate between 145-150 lbs, fully clothed. In my desire to become healther & be “kinder” to my joints, I started really studying nutrition. I’ve learned so much & love the way I eat not. This summer, I had my cholesterol checked & the total was 101 with LDL below 50. I walk almost every day now, & completed a 15 mile walk a few months ago. Aside from some soreness the rest of that day, I was almost as good as new the very next.  During my pre op exam, the doctor discovered an irregular heart beat & that is now gone. Furthermore, my blood pressure dropped enough that I now only need one of the two blood pressure meds that I was taking at the time of my hip replacement. I’ll be 67 years old in a few weeks & would not have guessed that I could feel this good or have so much energy at this stage of life.

In closing, even though I made it worse than it had to be by waiting so long before coming to you, the fine job you did got the ball rolling for me. Thank you so much for getting me back on my feet, in more ways than one.


Ken S.