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June 18, 2017

Mary Jo W.

I met Dr. O’Neill for the first time in 2014 when my right hip needed surgery. I have always been active as a mother of 6 kids, full-time RN and part-time aerobic fitness instructor.
Never imagined the first time surgery was completed and 100% successful that I would in two years time also need the left hip repaired as well. I went back to Dr. O’Neill the second time because of the trust, professionalism and care I knew I would receive. His entire surgical staff does an amazing job; both recoveries have been nothing short of and all of everything I expected in the recovery, post-op healing process. I was back to work in about a weeks time at my nursing job and back to teaching my fitness classes in 8 weeks following surgery. I can sleep again at night and not wake up in pain. Now, I am back to enjoying life with my kids, grandkids, other family members, friends and neighbors.
Thank you Dr. O’Neill and your entire surgical team!