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September 6, 2016

Mary K.

I slipped and fell on a sidewalk that was under repair. It was a Friday night so I didn’t seek care until the next day. My family doctor took X-rays and told me I had a break, but it didn’t appear I would need surgery. I had a wrap for it and use a lot of ice packs but it just wasn’t healing. I was then sent to Dr. Clair at TCO. For some reason, my ankle had stopped healing. No reason, it just stopped. Now surgery was needed. Dr. Clair carefully explained what surgery would involve and how long recovery would take. The clinic personnel were always very helpful and answered all my questions. Surgery went as planned as did the recovery process. I even managed to still attend the state fair with friends with the help of a wheelchair.  My ankle is good as new and there have been no problems since.

Thank you Dr. Clair and staff.