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November 16, 2015

Mary W.

My hip replacement experience was excellent and life changing. Prior to surgery I had significant pain that limited my mobility and restricted me from the activities I enjoy as well as limited my ability to run my business. The pain initiated in my hip, but my back and right knee were also in pain. It was hard for me to believe that at just 61 years arthritis was to a point that I needed replacement. I also didn’t believe that replacing my hip would resolve my back and knee pain, but it did. I first consulted my general practitioner and on advice of a doctor within my insurance coverage, I had a steroid injection as a first step. With no improvement, I researched options for hip replacement, information on procedures and chose Dr. Brian O’Neill at TCO.

My experience was exceptional from the beginning through my final re-check. From a basic patient perspective, I had no long waits, had my questions answered and felt that Dr. Brian O’Neill listened to my concerns. The surgery was fast, the experience at the Interlude Center was fantastic, and best of all I am completely out of pain and back to a very active, pain free life.

Details that worked well for me:

– I appreciate that surgery was scheduled early in the morning. I had minimal general anesthetic issues.
– The bundled billing and ability to pre-pay was a very convenient option. It is also helpful as a patient to have one contact person should there have been a question on the billing.
– The education meeting with the TCO/Excel nurse Marni was very helpful to know what to expect.
– The printed booklet was helpful as it is easy to forget details.
– Recovering in the Interlude Center through the Excel program was a perfect after surgery experience. Private room, private nurses, physical therapy and a follow-up with an internist gave me access to care in one package and eliminated the chaos that can come with a hospital experience.
– The nurses that cared for me were wonderful and well suited to that kind of care.
– The room at the Interlude Center was great-it is nice to be surrounded by comfort while being focused on recovery.

I have only 2 recommendations based on my experience. It would be helpful to receive a chart or spreadsheet that scheduled the pain medications to be taken at home. I was familiar with the drugs and the nurses educated me, but for some patients this could be confusing and easy to forget what to take and when. There was a written list of medications prescribed, but not a specific schedule outlining how and when to take the meds.

The other recommendation is a printed handout from the therapist with pictures of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 exercises. Even though I could have used my laptop to access the videos, I created hard copies of exercises and included a chart of completion to make it easier to get it done.

I rate my experience A++. I would be giving my testimony in person but I am celebrating my 39th wedding anniversary with my husband in Florida. We walk 4 miles on the beach each morning and that was my goal when scheduling the surgery in early August. Life is good, thank you Twin Cities Orthopedic team!