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July 14, 2015

Natalee W.

One day when I was out for a training run back in 2012, I felt a sudden deep pain in my hip joint. I went to a chiropractor who diagnosed me with a hip flexor strain and sent me on my way. After many months, my hip never felt better and I was unable to run, walk, sit, and basically do anything without pain.  It became chronic and I had to cease all triathlon training except swimming, during which I still experienced mild pain. I thought I could never run again.

After one year of no answers and another flare-up, I went to TCO’s Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic and was lucky to see one of Dr. Larson’s partners who quickly diagnosed my labral tears and FAI.  After my initial appointment with Dr. Larson, I knew surgery was my only option to get back to racing triathlons again. My left hip was done in November 2013 and right hip done August 2014. My PT Emily Beyer, a gifted soul and skilled therapist made a tremendous impact on me and my recovery.

 In June 2015 I finally was able to compete in my first race since the onset of my injuries, and finished 19th out of 96 women and 1st place in my age group! And NO HIP PAIN!  Today I am running and biking just as fast as I was before my injuries, having just started training a few months ago.

I am filled with the utmost gratitude for Dr. Larson and all his staff, and will forever be grateful. What Dr. Larson does really changes lives, and now I can continue chasing my dream of being a competitive triathlete. Thank you!!!!

Larson - Natalee W. .