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March 10, 2014

Scott G.

Scott G.

Thank you Dr. Dick, Brandon and your team! Just 5 months after my herniated L4-5 disc surgery, I had a great ski trip to Copper Mountain and Vail, Colorado. Between that trip and local skiing, I’ve only been out 12 days this season and I’ve had ZERO problems with back or leg pain. I have skied pretty intensely and feel great. I’ve been quite religious about the PT exercises prescribed to me, with no complications. After a couple of outdoor bike rides in early November, I now ride my stationary bike at home 4-7 days a week. Last summer I was concerned about my ability to be active in the future, but you can mark me in the “win” column for success with my surgery and recovery. I’m now looking forward to getting back to water skiing and biking this summer.