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March 7, 2012

Yvonne B.


“The last exercise during my weekly Saturday ballet class involved grand jétés, nothing new for us,” said Yvonne B. (pictured). “We heard a loud pop and I turned my head back during the jump to see what made that sound,” she said. Yvonne’s leg had collapsed during the landing as she had injured her achilles tendon.”The ballet instructor, herself a chiropractor, immediately recommended Dr. Coetzee and added she knows several dancers who have been his patients and were very satisfied with his work. Now I can be added to that list of happy patients,” said Yvonne after her achilles tendon surgery with J. Chris Coetzee, M.D. Mb ChB.My ankle was strong enough to hike onto Monte Leone in Switzerland first week of November. I am also back to Yoga and Ballet(bar only- no jumping) since the beginning of October and am looking forward to cross country skiing. A big thank you to Dr. Coetzee!”