Brian P. Bjerke, MD

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Dr. Bjerke is a sports medicine surgeon. He treats conditions of the knee, shoulder, hip, elbow and ankle. Examples of procedures of the knee include ACL reconstruction, multi-ligament knee injuries, meniscus repairs, articular cartilage repair, patellar/quad tendon repairs, patellar dislocations, knee malalignment surgery and total knee replacements. Examples of procedures of the shoulder include shoulder instability/labral repair, rotation cuff repair, shoulder separation injuries and proximal bicep tendon injury. Examples of procedures of the hip include hip arthroscopy for hip femoroacetabular impingement and labral repair, total hip replacements and proximal hamstring injuries. Examples of procedures of the elbow include distal bicep and triceps tendon injuries. Examples of procedures of the ankle include Achilles tendon injuries. Dr. Bjerke also treats fractures of the knee, shoulder, hip, elbow and ankle.

The initial visit is about fact gathering, listening to your story and learning more about you. Dr. Bjerke will then perform a physical exam, review all imaging and begin to build a list of options for you in regards to the treatment plan.

Before your Appointment

If you are a new patient, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment early in order to complete the registration process. In addition, please bring the following:

  • Driver’s License or State ID
  • Referral (if required by insurer)
  • Insurance information
  • Copies of operation records, medical records, xrays, MRIs and CT scan from prior doctor visits
  • List of current medications and any known allergies

We have access to a few other imaging centers/doctor offices in the surrounding area, however not many. If you have had ANY previous imaging, it is important to bring the imaging on a disc as well as to bring a copy of the report of what the imaging showed.

Dr. Bjerke would prefer that you make an appointment to see him before obtaining an MRI. There are many types of imaging and different types of MRIs, so it would be most helpful to Dr. Bjerke to come into the office to see him before obtaining and MRI. This will allow him to choose what type of imaging will be most helpful for his diagnostic plan in regards to your pain/injury.

You can use the General Contact Form on the Contact & Locations page of this website to get in touch with Dr. Bjerke regarding a second opinion. You can also contact us via phone to set up an appointment or to speak with a member of our care team.


Some patients get immediate relief from a cortisone injection. For others, it may take up to 2 weeks for the injection to take effect. However, most people notice relief within 2-3 days. The duration of a cortisone injection can vary greatly. Some will last as long as a year, whereas others may last only a few days. It is also important to know that occasionally pain can get worse following a cortisone injection before it gets better. In the meantime, over the counter pain medications and ice are recommended.