Frank B. Norberg, MD

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We specialize in shoulder, elbow and arthroscopic surgeries. Common surgeries include: shoulder, elbow and knee arthroscopy, rotator cuff repairs, biceps tendon repairs, labrum repairs of the shoulder, total shoulder replacement, reverse total shoulder replacement, total elbow replacement, and fracture surgeries of the shoulder, clavicle, and elbow.

We also specialize in ultrasound-guided injections in the clinic setting, including cortisone injections of the shoulder and hip, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections of the elbow.

We can often schedule surgeries within two weeks. Some surgeries are urgent and we will do our best to fit these patients into our schedule. Most surgeries are scheduled based on the patient’s preference.

All patients need to see their primary care provider during the 30 days prior to surgery for a pre-operative history and physical in order to be cleared for surgery.

Before your Appointment

Please bring your own MRI, CT, or x-ray images, the imaging report and any clinic notes to your appointment. If you are choosing to have the images sent to us, please call and confirm the images have been received before your appointment.

Yes, we encourage patients to bring family or friends with to their appointments.

When you arrive, we will have you complete paperwork regarding your past medical history and the problem you are being seen for that day. You will come back to the exam room and meet one of Dr. Norberg’s team members who will be with you throughout your visit. X-rays may be ordered, which take about 5 minutes to complete. Then Dr. Norberg will see you, perform an exam and discuss the diagnosis and treatment options in detail. If an injection is appropriate, it will be completed before you leave.