Paul J. Crowe, MD

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Before your Appointment

Dr. Crowe will look over any relevant medical information you supply and talk through the different options for proceeding. Before scheduling a surgery, it is encouraged that you go home and process the different options.

Please bring any scans and records you have from a previous physician to your first appointment. This will help Dr. Crowe and his staff better understand your situation.

After your Appointment

The timeframe for recovery depends on the procedure and the individual, but it is our goal to get you back to your regular lifestyle as fast as possible. You can discuss your likely recovery time at your appointment.

Each individual will experience different pain levels, but it is our goal to have you feeling 100% as soon as possible. To get an idea of the pain expectations for your individual case, please discuss with Dr. Crowe at your appointment.

Please note that we strive to get our patients off narcotic pain medication as soon as possible. It can be needed shortly after surgery, but we do not advocate long-term use of pain medication. We take pain medication very seriously and make sure it is necessary before signing a prescription for any patient.