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Tenex Health TX™

What is Tenex Health TX™? 
Do you experience shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle or foot pain? Have you tried different methods to alleviate the pain, but nothing seems to work? It’s time to check out Tenex Health TX™, a solution that does not involve general or open surgery and may give you quick pain reduction.

Tenex Health TX™ has revolutionized the treatment of tendonitis with a minimally invasive, non-surgical approach to eliminating scar tissue – a source of chronic tendon pain. Patients can typically return to normal activities or sports within 6 weeks of their procedure.

What conditions can Tenex Health TX™ treat?
Tenex Health TX™ may be used to treat tendonitis in the elbow, shoulder and knee, including tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff tendonitis/swimmer’s shoulder, and patellar tendonitis/jumper’s knee.

How is Tenex Health TX™ performed?
The procedure is an alternate to surgery and is done under conscious sedation and local numbing anesthetic. Using an ultrasound for guidance, the TX1 Tissue Removal System is inserted into the tendon, emitting ultrasonic energy to break down damaged scar tissue without affecting the healthy tendon surrounding it. There are no stitches required and the procedure takes about 15 minutes.

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