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It depends as each patient’s situation is unique. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Ryan’s care team before your appointment, and we will be very happy to address any of your questions.

Yes, absolutely. The more information we have regarding your unique situation and past history, the better equipped we are to provide the highest level of care. Bringing any previous x-rays, scans, and/or documentation (if available) is recommended. If you do not have this information, don’t worry, we will still take great care of you.

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Before your Appointment

If you are a new patient, please arrive to your appointment early in order to complete the registration process. In addition, please bring the following:

  • Driver’s License or State ID
  • Referral (If Required by Insurer)
  • Insurance Information
  • Copies of Operation Records, Medical Records, X-rays, MRIs, and CT Scans from Prior Doctor Visits
  • A List of Current Medications and Any Known Allergies

Please refer to our new patient section above. In addition, if you are are being seen as a second opinion, it is especially important to provide us with as much information about care you’ve previously received. Please make sure you fill out the release of medical records form noted above to obtain operative and clinic notes regarding care up to this point. If possible, please bring any imaging studies performed on a disc. This includes X-rays, CTs, MRIs as well as any intra-operative imaging performed. Bringing records with you or making sure they are received by our office prior to your consultation with help us provide you with the most meaningful appointment and prevent any delays in developing a treatment plan moving forward.

Paperwork to fill out prior to concussion visit:


  • Info/Background Sheet
  • Adult Symptom Scale
  • PHQ-9
  • GAD-7

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  • Info/Background Sheet
  • Pediatric Symptom Scale – Child Report
  • Pediatric Symptom Scale- Adult Report
  • PHQ-9
  • GAD-7

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