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September 28, 2018

Karen C.

I highly recommend Dr. McGarvey if you are considering foot surgery. I had severe arthritis in my left foot. Today I am pain free for the first time in five years thanks to Dr. McGarvey. Thank you so much!

May 29, 2017

Liz V.

In September of 1990, I shattered my right ankle while seven months pregnant with my first son. Dr. McGarvey was the orthopedic surgeon on call at Fairview Ridges ER. He was very reassuring and confident that he could rebuild my ankle and I’d be good-to-go by my December 26th delivery date. Between my pregnancy and penicillin allergy, medication choices were slim and I would not be able to be completely put out. The anesthesiologist & anesthetist were so kind and attentive throughout the 3+ hour surgery. Dr. McGarvey basically rebuilt my ankle with a 5 or 6″ plate & screws on the right side and a pin on the left. My cast went from my toes to my knee and I could not put any weight on my ankle – not easy when 7-8 months pregnant and living in a two-story. It all would have made for a great reality show! The physical therapy center even had a a pool going for my delivery date … and the sex of the baby. And, on Christmas night, Jack was born. Almost 27 pain-free years later, I am very thankful for the surgeon on call in Burnsville’s ER.

April 10, 2015

Colleen P.

Thank you Dr. McGarvey!  Approximately 10 years ago you repaired my badly fractured left ankle, the rod is still with me, and I have NOT had a single problem.  I remember your advice to keep my ankle higher than my heart for two months in order to avoid arthritis in the future. I did my best and I guess it worked. 

March 26, 2015

Sheila M.

I got Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 19 years old.  Years later while walking one of my toe joints broke due to deterioration; I “got a bunion over lunch hour”. I was lucky enough to meet this amazing and wonderful doctor. Within a couple of months, three joints dissolved.

Bunion removed, and the joints on the toes removed and fused. NO MORE pain. Dr. McGarvey is my hero. There is no better and he is worth the wait.  I have sent many people to him.

October 17, 2014

Kristi L.

It is with the highest regard and gratitude that I write this testimonial on behalf of the incredible Dr. Scott McGarvey and his remarkable staff at Twin Cities Orthopedics. I was thrown from a horse November 1, 2013. As I sat in a field and looked at my ankle which was at 90 degrees, I knew I would need to see Dr. McGarvey – the only doctor I would consider – he had taken amazing care of my Mother for many years. My ankle was so severely broken that Dr. McGarvey was concerned that I’d even be able to walk properly. His expert surgical skills have allowed me not only to walk but to also run again! During the recovery period, Rhodora encouraged me to text or call her on her personal cell phone – unbelievable personal attention and care! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Scott McGarvey and his staff for getting me back on my feet again! I will be running in the Twin Cities 10 Mile Race and also skiing the Birkie thanks to you!

October 26, 2012

Theresa W.

Theresa W. is an active mother of two who was slowed by a foot injury. After a difficult and painful year, she met with Scott McGarvey, MD to discuss treatment options. Dr. McGarvey took the time to listen to Theresa’s story and how her situation affected her life. “Dr. McGarvey genuinely cared and really wanted to help me,” said Theresa. He “wanted more time and more information to evaluate my problem,” which put Teresa at ease about what needed to be done and who she wanted to do the work. With young children waiting patiently for the return of an active mom, Theresa said that she is “motivated to continue what I need to do to reach that full recovery from surgery.” She is pleased to have met Dr. McGarvey and thankful to have received his care. “He is a skilled surgeon with a caring heart,” said Theresa.

October 11, 2012

Kristin S.

Kristin S. had persistent foot pain for over 23 years, which made walking long distances difficult. Pictured in Israel, she was grateful to be able to appreciate her second trip to the country pain-free, unlike her first. “After having surgery on my feet [with Scott McGarvey, MD], I was able to enjoy the trip so much more,” she said. Being able to keep up with the group and focus on all there was to see and learn, rather than being distracted by her foot pain helped make the trip a great experience, she said. “I am able to walk without pain for the first time in 23 year years. Dr. McGarvey was wonderful to work with and his work on my feet has changed my life,” said Kristin.

October 11, 2012

Gordon R.

For many years Gordon R. suffered from extreme pain in his ankle caused by osteoarthritis. After researching foot and ankle surgeons and getting a recommendation from a friend, he met with Scott McGarvey, MD. With a round trip to the clinic of 400 miles, it was important for Gordon to schedule an appointment that he could drive to and back from on the same day. “I was always able to get into see him on time with little or no waiting,” he said. Gordon described the examination he received from Dr. McGarvey as very thorough. “He took time to listen to the concerns both my wife and I had. He was honest and articulated all my options in an understandable manner,” he said. After discussing treatment options with Dr. McGarvey, Gordon opted to proceed with a total ankle replacement and couldn’t be happier with the results. “Dr. McGarvey’s follow-up after the surgery was second to none. He is truly a patient advocate. He took special care to make sure my recovery was going well; calling to check on my progress,” said Gordon. “Dr. McGarvey surrounds himself with a competent, professional, and friendly staff,” he said. “I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with issues of the foot and ankle.”

October 11, 2012

Diana T.

In addition to living with Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 30 years, Diana T. dealt with an ankle that would suddenly “give out” for several years. She feared falling as a result of the ankle issues, which could have resulted in a more serious injury. Her Rheumatologist recommended a total ankle replacement – an option Diana didn’t know existed. After being referred to Scott McGarvey, MD, she traveled over 300 miles to consult with him. Prior to the ankle replacement procedure, Dr. McGarvey performed reconstructive surgery on both of Diana’s feet. A year later, she had her ankle replaced. After following Dr. McGarvey’s post-operative instructions and completing physical therapy, Diana explained that she is extremely pleased with the results. “I thank Dr. McGarvey and his staff for their fine treatment,” she said. Diana said that she “was treated with professional, kindness, respect, and even some humor,” and knows that is the standard for patients of Dr. McGarvey.

February 28, 2012

Nika W.

Recently, Twin Cities television stations have been airing a series of four 15-second commercials designed to increase awareness of the health care services provided by Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO). In January, when Nika, a junior at Edina High School, participated in filming one of the spots, she had no way of knowing she would soon need the services of a TCO physician. Nika was chosen for the hockey-themed commercial shoot at Burnsville Ice Arena partly because she has played the game since age six, and also because of her two previous experiences as a TCO patient. At age 12, she broke her wrist in a New Year’s hockey tournament and was treated at Twin Cities Orthopedics’ Edina clinic (one of her youth hockey coaches was Scott McGarvey, MD, a TCO physician). Four days later she was back on the ice. Last year, Nika was treated at the Edina clinic for a somewhat more problematic injury. In the process of taking a slap shot, she strained ligaments in her right thumb and index finger. Nika was fitted for a brace, and after several weeks of reparative physical therapy, she was cleared to return to the ice in the U-19 Girls state hockey tourney. Nika’s most recent injury was not hockey-related. A few weeks before shooting the TCO commercial she was rehearsing for a high school presentation of the drama “Bang, Bang You’re Dead.” Nika spent eight hours rehearsing while wearing a pair of four-inch heels, which caused a painful, sprained Achilles tendon and big-toe ligament. After treatment at Twin Cities Orthopedics’ Edina After Hours Acute Injury Walk-in Clinic, she wore a supportive boot for a week, and then performed in the weekend production. Nika didn’t do any speaking in the 15-second commercial, in which she skates toward the camera. But she would be a natural for a testimonial. “I’ve always felt in good hands at Twin Cities Orthopedics; it’s a really welcoming place,” says Nika.With her injuries behind her, Nika isn’t playing hockey this year, preferring to focus on her studies, and theater, at Edina High School. Her future plans include hopes for a lacrosse scholarship at one of the colleges where lacrosse is offered on an intercollegiate level, possibly on the East coast. Wherever her future takes her, she also hopes to remain injury-free.