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January 22, 2024

Abby K.

We feel compelled to pass along a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to Dr. Steven Meletiou, his amazing team, and all the wonderful people at TCO Stillwater.  The care that our 8-yr old daughter, Abby, received over the past couple of days was over and above anything we could have imagined.

This past Tuesday evening, Abby got her finger slammed in a car door.  After seeing how badly Abby had cut and smashed her finger, we knew it likely would require orthopedic care.  TCO was our first call.  Much to our surprise, we got an appointment the next day with Abigale Gabrick, PA-C. We were blown away with not only the speed in which we would get our daughter seen at an orthopedic clinic, but that we could get in to see an orthopedic team that specializes in hand/arm injuries.

After reviewing the X-rays and the wound itself, Abigale did an amazing job explaining the seriousness of the injury. Abby had likely lacerated the nail bed underneath her fingernail, and that if we didn’t repair that nail bed, she would likely have a severely disfigured fingernail for the rest of her life.  Dr. Meletiou and his team performed the surgery the following day. The TCO staff made Abby feel so welcome and cared for during our visit for surgery. Abby is now recovering and even went to school the following day!

Thank you again to the people at TCO! Not only was their incredible level of expertise on display, but their genuine level of care that they showed for our daughter was something special.

Abby K Photo
Abby K Photo

April 4, 2019

Taylor T.

Last year at gymnastics practice, I dislocated my elbow and tore all of the ligaments in it. It was the third day of practice for my freshman year of gymnastics. I was unable to participate in any of the season. I tried going to physical therapy for three months but it wasn’t helping and the stability of my elbow wasn’t there. I found out that I could have surgery to repair the ligaments but the recovery time was 10-14 months long. I really wanted to avoid being out for that long, so I decided to try therapy for another month. It still wasn’t helping. In March, I decided to have Tommy John surgery.

Dr. Meletiou performed my surgery and I went back to therapy for eight months after. My therapist, Jacob Wendt was very helpful and was my favorite therapist that I had. The total recovery time was 13 months. I was able to get all of my old gymnastics skill back within the year and mid way through sophomore gymnastics season I was able to compete again. Thank you TCO!

March 13, 2019

Renee K.

I underwent a procedure to my right wrist and had put it off for 9 months. I finally went to see Dr. Meletiou due to a referral form for worker compensation claim. The WC rep highly recommended Dr. Meletiou and said that he does remarkable work. My procedure went well and I experienced ZERO pain afterwards due to the great work he did. Thank you Dr. Meletiou!

July 26, 2018

Nena T.

Dr. Meletiou & Team –

My experience with you was awesome! It was a pleasure meeting you all! Every person I came in contact with were professional and gave me a sense of comfort immediately! Dr. Meletiou and team were a pleasure! Their smiles, happy faces and caring presence made this a great experience. Very, very professional.

Much love to all of you,

Nena T.

April 20, 2017

Elizabeth L.

When I was a teenager, I broke my scaphoid bone in my right wrist in a dirt bike accident. I had received my care and surgery at a different Orthopedic clinic. Fast forward about 5 years, my wrist would still ache and hurt, so I turned to Dr. Meletiou for a second opinion. I left my appointment wishing I had just seen him the first time, my original surgery had never healed, leaving a nonunion and a tough surgery with a long healing time ahead. Dr. Meletiou and the entire staff at TCO made everything a breeze, and I was always treated like a person, not just a name on the patient list, even though I was a pain and always pushed my restrictions to the limit (I’m sure they loved that, haha). Fast forward another few years, and my wrist is back to being fully functional with no aches or pains thanks to the team at TCO! I always highly recommend anyone I know to go there for any issues they might be facing.