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January 11, 2023 - TCO

Becky Anderson’s Lasting Legacy & TCO’s Bright Future

For years, a small sign hung in her office. It showcased a simple, yet powerful message that resonated with Becky Anderson, ‘See the Good.’

Over the course of nearly 40 years at TCO, seeing the good in people led to good things for Becky. She started as a Medical Secretary, but would rise through the ranks, becoming the Vice President of Clinic Services.

Along the way, Becky would mentor and inspire others to seek growth opportunities at TCO, like Jen Pierce and Justin Struthers. From humble beginnings to doing big things, this trio is a shining example of how hard work, dedication, and determination can truly pay off.

Now retired, Becky’s small sign with the big message remains in TCO Brooklyn Park to inspire the next generation.

“Her work ethic was second to none, yet she always had time for those around her,” Becky’s predecessor Jen Pierce said. “She’s a self-learner and a self-taught master of everything.”

Becky’s Rise to The Top

Becky’s legacy is undoubtedly self-made. When Dr. Robin Crandall hired her in 1983, Northwestern Orthopedic Surgeons had nine employees. For Becky, that meant her duties were stretched far beyond those of a Medical Secretary.

“I had a lot to learn,” Becky said. “I didn’t know anything about billing. I didn’t know anything about being the manager of an office. But Dr. Crandall had a feeling that if somebody could do medical transcription, they could just do about anything.”

By 1995, Northwestern Orthopedic Surgeons was adding more surgeons, a responsibility Becky was now in charge of. This growth would lead to a merger with Anoka Orthopedics, with the groups forming Orthopedic Partners.

The largest, most pivotal merger Becky would experience took place in July 2001. Orthopedic Surgeons, Limited Orthopedic Partners, Orthopedic Consultants, and Northwest Orthopedic Surgeons would band together to create what is now TCO.

“We had no idea how big this would become,” Becky said. “For quite a long time, we still kind of functioned as separate divisions. But now I look at it, and it’s amazing. I’m proud to have been a part of the beginning.”

From Blaine to Brooklyn Park, new sites meant new opportunities for Becky. In 2018, she was named the VP of Clinic Services for the North Region, the final chapter in Becky’s rise to the top.

“It’s been an adventure for sure,” Becky said. “If you work hard and show that you’re interested, good things will happen. Somebody’s going to recognize that. The physicians are going to see that. I didn’t ask to be moved up to all these things. It was just kind of like, well, this is the next step.”

 The Faces of TCO’s Future

The next step for TCO in preparing for Becky’s retirement was promoting Jen Pierce into her VP role.

“She was such a strong Clinic Manager,” Becky said. “We really balanced each other out well and became great friends. I always could depend on her. The future of TCO is in good hands.”

Becky says Jen was her “star hire” and became her right-hand woman for a decade. Prior to becoming Clinic Manager, Jen worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer and her clinical background is what initially helped land her the role.

“Clinic Managers are the core of TCO,” Becky said. “They handle the day-to-day operations and staff management. Jen is a natural leader, and her personality fit perfectly. It’s been amazing to see her growth over the years.”

Taking over Jen’s role as Clinic Manager in the North is Justin Struthers, a former Certified Athletic Trainer like herself, whose teammates say always “sees the good” in those around him.

For Jen, the opportunity to pass down the knowledge and wisdom she learned from Becky brings everything full circle.

“Justin’s very fair, and he is very thoughtful,” Jen said. “Much like Becky, he’s not someone that needs to be the center of attention. He works hard, and people buy in.”

Naturally laid back, Justin has learned a lot from Jen’s go-getter personality, helping him grow both personally and professionally.

“I approached Jen years ago and asked how she became Clinic Manager,” Justin said. “From there, Jen took me under her wing, and she’s taught me how to tackle any and every challenge head on. Her energy is infectious, and she’s always three steps ahead. Whenever a situation pops up, she already has a solution. I’ve learned to prepare myself the same way.”

A self-described “people person,” Justin says he’s most looking forward to the leadership aspect of his new role.

“A team is only as strong as its weakest player,” Justin said. “When I see somebody struggling, I try to build them up. I love working with people and helping them succeed.”

New Beginnings for Becky

As for Becky, the next chapter is still being written, but so far, includes travel and spending quality time with her six grandchildren.

“The transition has been easier than I thought,” Becky said. “I left things in a good place, and that was important to me.”

Now, it’s time for Becky to “see the good” in new ways.