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Our advanced medical imaging gives us more accuracy than ever to give you the best care possible.


At Twin Cities Orthopedics, we provide patients with access to the latest technologies.

MRI Services at TCO

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is an imaging method used to view internal body structures using combinations of radio waves and magnetic fields. An MRI is a large non-invasive device which utilizes the properties of magnetism to create nondestructive, three-dimensional, internal images of the soft tissues of the body, including the brain, spinal cord and muscle.

An MRI requires no radiation; it is a proven safe procedure. The level of accuracy it affords is outstanding. MRI scans are so precise, they can many times differentiate between healthy and unhealthy tissue before symptoms occur. MRI has been used successfully in diagnosing abnormalities in all parts of the body. This makes it one of the most versatile diagnostic tools available today.

Most MRI exams last about 40 minutes. The length of your exam will depend on the type of study your doctor has ordered. A MRI scan is painless; you can expect to hear a drumming sound during the procedure. Following your exam, a radiologist will review and interpret your images within 24 to 48 hours. The interpretation will be forwarded to your physician who will then develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

MRI Locations

Below are phone numbers to contact a specific scanning & imaging (MRI department) location.

Burnsville – 952-808-3000

Coon Rapids – 763-427-7300

Edina – 952-456-7005

Lake Elmo – 651-439-8807

Stillwater – 651-439-8807

Waconia – 952-442-2163