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Supporting our communities in more ways than one

At Twin Cities Orthopedics, community support takes on many forms. From charitable giving to supporting local athletic teams and events, our staff is passionate about giving back and staying active in our communities.

Local Support

TCO has a long history of supporting the communities that trust us with their orthopedic healthcare needs. Our efforts have included donating first aid kits and medical supplies to local schools, volunteering medical services at local events, and providing free educational seminars throughout the community. In addition, many of our staff have raised funds for medical research and have traveled the globe to offer orthopedic care in less fortunate countries. For more information, contact us at [email protected].

Medical Support

At TCO, caring for the community goes beyond our clinic walls. We are passionate about supporting local events throughout the year and pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class on-site medical care. With decades of experience, our team of seasoned athletic trainers is prepared to provide high-quality coverage to ensure the success and safety of local events. Requesting coverage from our athletic trainers is seamless through our user-friendly form.

Sports Medicine Partnerships

TCO physicians and staff are committed to providing sports medicine services to our local athletic communities. From high school athletes and associations to professional teams, TCO cares for our athletes at every level, and every athlete receives the same level of care.

If you’d like more information about TCO’s affiliations, or would like TCO to support your local organization, athletic team or association, please contact us at [email protected].


Collegiate & High School Partnerships

TCO physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists provide various sports medicine services in colleges and high schools throughout the region. If you’re at a home sporting event, you’ll likely see a TCO athletic trainer onsite.

Collegiate Affiliations

High School Affiliations


TCO provides various sports medicine services to athletic organizations and associations in the community.

Community Partners

Twin Cities Orthopedics Foundation

TCO believes that supporting healthy communities is integral to providing world-class, compassionate care. The TCO Foundation delivers on this goal through its mission to advance musculoskeletal health through community service, orthopedic research, education and training.

Investing in Minnesota’s youth and promoting healthy lifestyle choices is a top priority for the TCO Foundation. That’s why we partner with and support Y Adventure Lab (formerly Cycle Health), as it works to equip kids with the tools necessary to create a new “cycle of health” in America. Along with our Y Adventure Lab partnership, the TCO Foundation also partners with United Heroes League, Bolder Options, and other nonprofit organizations.

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Learn more about Y Adventure Lab.