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April 19, 2018

Inta G.

Dr. Arthur,

You have once again done a wonderful job with giving me another new hip! Thank you, thank you so very much! I am back to my routine activities without pain! What a great feeling! I am always in awe of doctors like you who can perform such surgeries. God bless your work always. Please extend my thanks also to Kyle Exsted and the other staff members of your team.

Gratefully yours,

Inta G.



April 17, 2018

Andy B.

I have only good things to say about the EXCEL Program and my knee replacement done by Dr. Saterbak. The program is brilliant. I had a setback after a couple months but all was covered. Thank you!

April 16, 2018

Jerry B.

Hey Dr. Knowlan, Jerry B. here. March 11th was my 4 year anniversary of my bilateral knee replacements. Thank you again for returning my mobility. Everything is fantastic, no pain, no Tylenol, no drugs, nothing. I cannot thank you enough and keep up the great work. You sir are a great surgeon. Thanks forever. JB

April 16, 2018

Michele B.

I have been working with Dr. Knowlan for many years due to my degenerative arthritis in both of my knees. When the pain and the loss of function became intolerable, we decided it was time for the replacements. His knowledge, experience, and communication were essential in determining which knee to do first, and how soon after to do the second knee. I call it my medical miracle. I am amazed at the outcome. I feel like I am 20 years younger, because the limited function and pain made me feel 10 years older than I actually am. Sometimes I forget how painful and difficult it was to use my knees. Yet, every now and then I realize that I’m walking up stairs without pain, and I smile! I even have to remind myself that I don’t have to use the hand railing. I can stand, walk, and play golf without pain. I can shop without pain. At the end of a long day at work, I walk out to my car and realize how much energy I still have. It has been a life changer for me. I am grateful every day for my knee replacements. Dr. Knowlan is my hero! That may sound a little over the top, but my life is so much better now.

April 16, 2018

Luella B.

Best knee replacement so far! I’d definitely do it again if I had another knee to replace. Dr. Brian O’Neill replaced both knees and both knees are doing great!

April 16, 2018

Rita H.

I have my right knee replaced April 5, 2017 and my left knee replaced October 17, 2017, both by Dr. Bjerke. The staff all took great care of me. I have had wonderful results. The best thing is that I can walk pain free. This winter I have been ice skating and cross country skiing. Overall a great experience. So very happy to be moving again. The only advice I have for anyone thinking about having this done is: BE PATIENT. It may take 2-3 months before you start feeling that it was worth it! But it is the most wonderful thing ever!

March 29, 2018

Teresa G.

I am a so very happy with the care that I have received from Dr. Sanders and his entire staff. Dr. Sanders performed a full knee replacement on my left knee in November of 2017 and another full replacement on my left knee in February of 2018. I was treated with kindness and concern through both surgeries. I would refer family and friends to these wonderful people anytime.

March 28, 2018

Harald H.

I struggled with hip pain for over 1 ½ years. I could hardly function, walked with a severe limp and I could not get on the floor to play with my grandsons. My primary care physician determined that I had severe osteoarthritis in my left hip. The first orthopedic surgeon I met with said we could do steroid injections to reduce and potentially eliminate the pain from the osteoarthritis. The injections were a treatment for the symptoms but not a “repair”. This doctor also said that we could do a posterior approach hip replacement. I have family and friends that have had hip replacements. All of them told me to have an anterior approach hip replacement because the recovery is faster and less painful. I chose to get a second opinion and look for a surgeon that did the anterior approach arthroplasty. Dr. Butterfield from TCO, who repaired my shoulders, recommended Dr. Arntson. Dr. Arntson did a fellowship in North Carolina where he had been trained in Anterior Approach Total Hip Arthroplasty. My hip replacement experience with Dr. Arntson of Twin Cities Orthopedics was excellent. 2 hours after waking from surgery, I was walking to the bathroom with a walker. I work in medical devices and Dr. Arntson was very direct, clear and accurate on what he would do, how it would be done and what the post-surgical procedures would involve. All of it has come true and I am very happy with the outcome. I only needed crutches or a cane for 2 weeks after the surgery. I am pain free and my limp is almost completely gone.

March 26, 2018

Eric E.

I am Eric, I had bone on bone for approximately 3 years. I was scared! Dr. O’Neill is my doctor. My operation was performed at 4:30 pm and the next morning, the physical therapists said it was time to walk. I couldn’t believe it, but when I walked, it was like “perfect”….like the surgery never happened. Early in the afternoon, I decided to go for a walk by myself. Behind me, out of another door, Dr. O’Neill and another fellow doctor came out. He barked at me and I yelled, “It’s Dr. O.!” and the other doctor laughed. I said, “I can’t believe it! It’s like it never happened and Owen – you are my hero!!!” Dr. O’Neill released me two hours later. He performed on my other hip three years later. I strongly think you should know my story when deciding on an orthopedic surgeon! I have asked him to give me a 6-month notice before he retires. I was very lucky to have picked him!

Eric E.

March 26, 2018

Jennifer D.

I herniated a disc in my cervical spine in the fall and was experiencing a lot of pain and numbness down my right arm, as well as muscle spasms. I started PT with Mike Shirilla and recovered a lot more quickly than I expected to. Aside from doing traction, Mike showed me the proper exercises to help recover from my injury. He was great to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I feel back to normal now and even completed a 1/2 marathon recently. I can’t thank Mike and TCO enough for the great care I received. And, I was so pleased I did not get pushed at all into going a surgical route with my problem.

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