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Celebrating a Remarkable Career—Russ McGill, OPA-C

March 11, 2015 - TCO

Celebrating a Remarkable Career—Russ McGill, OPA-C

Physicians, co-workers, and colleagues recently helped celebrate Russ McGill’s 34-year career as a physician assistant (PA) with SCO. Russ has been instrumental in leading and developing the PA team since its founding.  Over the course of his career, Russ primarily worked with Dr. David Palmer and Karen, the care team’s clinical assistant. Please join us in wishing Russ well as he takes on a new opportunity!
“SCO has been such a great place.  Empowering, collegial and a place worth investing over the past 34 year!” – Russ McGill, OPA-C
“Russ has been an unfailing  and effective supporter of all the good things about St Croix Orthopaedics over 30 years of service.  I feel so fortunate to have worked with Russ during his time with us and have been most impressed with his dedication to optimize our patient’s welfare and outcomes. He will be sorely missed!” – David Palmer, M.D. (Co-Founder of St. Croix Orthopaedics)
“You’ve been dependable, levelheaded, even-tempered and always an available person that we could rely on. You’ve been a great associate, and it has been an honor working with you for all these years. I remember the hard times, the hard work and long hours, but mostly for some reason, what sticks out in my mind are the many humorous episodes we had – we enjoyed many laughs together.” – Robert Meisterling, M.D. (Co-Founder of St. Croix Orthopaedics)
Pictured (left to right): Russ, Dr. David Palmer, and Karen, their clinical assistant.