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Provicta Services

Health Quotient’s (HQ) mission is to make Minnesota the safest and healthiest place to work.

Founded in 2017, Provicta has provided hundreds of Minnesota’s first responders with targeted health and wellness resources. In June 2023, Provicta integrated into HQ to expand the program’s suite of resources.

Provicta’s services follow a four-pillar approach aimed at providing a community of support that address the unique physical and mental demand first responders face.

Education & Training Pillar

Providing first responders with essential education and training for improved physical and mental health. Through group training, we build a supportive community, establishing trust as the foundation for more personalized programming.

Performance & Prevention Pillar

Identifying and addressing the distinct needs of first responders, specifically targeting risk factors associated with mental health, heart health, and physical readiness. We offer cost-effective access and value, outperforming traditional healthcare models. Our culturally competent providers deliver best-in-class care, ensuring first responders receive timely and personalized support through early detection and consultation.

Concierge Care Pillar

Twin Cities Orthopedics and Infinite Health Collaborative supply first responders with prompt and personalized support for mental health and health-related needs. Our clinical navigation ensures rapid access to providers who understand first responders’ unique requirements. We prioritize minimizing work time loss, have a successful track record in injury prevention, and provide timely mental health and critical incident support. Our team excels in injury and physical rehabilitation, offering top-notch expertise, facilities, technology, and access. With over a dozen years of experience, we deliver concierge care with substantial cost mitigation.

Digital Solutions Pillar

Using various tools to drive efficiency, enhance engagement, and optimize outcomes. We use technology as a facilitator rather than the primary focus.

Education & Training Pillar

Health & Wellness Training Sessions
These in-person or virtual training sessions currently cover these six topics and are used to develop internal resources and meeting cadence:

  1. General health and disease management
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sleep
  4. Financial health
  5. Fitness and functional movement
  6. Mental health and stress management

Command Staff Briefings and Culture Development
We meet with designated Command Staff to discuss program progress, review reporting, and address questions or concerns regularly. One priority in these meetings is to identify areas where our team can support the organization’s culture development.

Performance & Prevention Pillar

Mental Health Services

Therapeutic Services

Organizational Support Services

Heart Health Service

Clinical Services

Physical Readiness Services

Therapeutic & Clinical Services

Concierge Care Pillar

Clinical Navigation
First responders will have a dedicated phone number and email address for any concerns related to their health and fitness. This number will be staffed during clinical hours, while voicemail and email will be checked regularly outside of those hours to ensure the fastest possible response time.

1:1 Health Discussions with MD
Our cornerstone offering provides first responders with the opportunity for private consultations with a trained physician. These sessions, in person or virtually, enable individuals to discuss recent health outcomes and receive personalized strategies for their unique wellness journey.

Digital Solutions

We prioritize the use of technology to enhance engagement, accessibility, and reporting for first responders’ health and wellness. Our approach focuses on understanding client needs and tailoring technology choices accordingly.

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