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January 16, 2023 - TCO

TCO Bioengineering Lab Now Open

The Twin Cities Orthopedics Bioengineering Lab (TCO Bio Lab) opened January 16th in Eagan on the Viking Lakes campus. It’s the first independent facility of its kind in Minnesota.

Dedicated to achieving world-class outcomes, the lab features state-of-the-art technology and resources. Physicians and researchers will be able to conduct industry-leading research studies and training.

“The TCO Bio Lab will be one of the top facilities in North America,” said TCO’s Dr. Robert LaPrade. “In addition to being able to provide bench-to-bedside answers for treating complex sports medicine pathologies in the research portion of the lab, it will also allow surgeons to hone their skills and develop improved surgical procedures in the Bioskills Lab. This lab will also provide one of the top opportunities for resident and fellow education in the country.”

Research often takes years to affect how patients are treated. However, the goal of the TCO Bio Lab is to have a more direct impact, with research focused on improving patient care and outcomes in the immediate future.

“This is yet one more example of how TCO leads the way in our community and advances orthopedic care worldwide,” said TCO’s Dr. Corey Wulf.

From robotic joint testing to 3D printing, the TCO Bio Lab’s top-of-the line technology will allow for collaboration with the nationally recognized Sports Science Lab next door at Training HAUS, powered by TCO. Together, these innovative labs will work to gain a broader understanding of joint mechanics.

Having a dedicated space for surgical training is also impactful for education programs. Bioskills training will allow the practice to host vendors for lab sessions and conferences.

“There are still so many questions that we are exploring in regard to optimal implant design, fracture care, and reconstruction techniques,” said TCO’s Dr. Jeffery Seybold. “We can now provide our faculty and fellows the opportunity to pursue answers that ultimately enhance patient care.”