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TCO Foundation supports CycleHealth

November 16, 2017 - TCO

TCO Foundation supports CycleHealth

The Twin Cities Orthopedics Foundation – and TCO overall – supports healthy lifestyles for kids and the community, which is why a partnership with nonprofit CycleHealth makes perfect sense.

CycleHealth’s kid-powered wellness events and activities are a great way for the TCO Foundation and TCO as an organization to live its values of service and teamwork. TCO engages with CycleHealth through sponsorship, medical outreach, employee volunteering as well as philanthropy through the TCO Foundation.

CycleHealth’s kid- and family-friendly – and FUN! – events such as the BreakAway Kids Tri, Resilinator and Kidarod allow TCO employees and their kids to participate by competing and volunteering.

See the TCO Foundation and CycleHealth partnership at work: