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April 27, 2021 - TCO

TCO in 21 – Fun & Informative Videos from Our Experts

Let’s have some FUN in 2021!

“TCO in 21” is a series of TikTok-inspired videos filmed in just 21 seconds, ranging from motivational to educational, and everything in between. Our experts hope athletes of all ages will learn, laugh and feel inspired by these easy-to-remember tips.

Check out all (8) videos below!

#1:  3 Types of Running Shoes Explained

Not all running shoes are built the same!

Research shows, it’s important for runners to find the right type of shoe for them. TCO Podiatrist Dr. Paul Langer “flips” through the differences.

#2:  How to Choose a Running Shoe

Ever walk into your local running shoe store, stare at a wall full of options, and wonder where to begin?

Follow these tips from TCO podiatrist Dr. Paul Langer to choose the perfect shoe.

#3:  Water vs. Sports Drinks

Water or sports drinks? The answer might surprise you.

Training HAUS Sports Dietitian Kaela Colvard addresses one of the most popular questions for athletes, and breaks down why both have major benefits.

#4:  Running Forms to Avoid

When running forms go wrong!

We’ve all seen examples of the creeper, the lumberjack, and the veggie chopper. Training HAUS Sports Performance Coach James Warmuth demonstrates some of the most common mistakes runners make and what perfect running form really looks like.

#5:  3 Essential Stretches for Runners

Got a wall? We’ve got 3 unique stretches that are perfect for every runner.

Training HAUS Sports Performance Coach James Warmuth explains why warming up the right way can make all the difference.

#6:  2 Tips for Running When Tired

Running gets tough when you’re tired. These 2 tips will help!

TCO Physical Therapist Assistant & running guru Sara Conrad shares how your favorite song + an imaginary rope could make all the difference.

#7:  How to Push Past Pre-Race Jitters

Stride it out. Shake it out. Block it out. Go!

If you’ve had pre-race jitters, TCO Physical Therapist Assistant & running guru Sara Conrad has some tips to help.

#8:  A Simple Smoothie Recipe for Runners

Always fuel your body at least 45 minutes after a work out!

Training HAUS Sports Dietitian Kaela Colvard has a quick, easy, and nutritious smoothie recipe that will get you ready for your next run.


8 oz Tart Cherry juice

  • High in antioxidants to decrease muscle soreness and aid in recovery

1 C mixed berries

  • Loaded with Vitamin C to support your immune system

1/3 c rolled oats

  • A complex carbohydrate to give us long lasting energy

1/4 avocado

  • Anti-inflammatory fat key to support muscle recovery and joint health

1/3 C Greek yogurt

  • Great source of protein and calcium to keep muscles and bones strong

1 scoop protein powder*

  • Quick absorbing protein to support muscle growth and repair
  • Talk to sports RD for safe supplementation

1/3 C frozen spinach

  • Good source of iron to support adequate access to energy

*Talk to a sports dietitian for safe supplementation