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TCO partners with Catalyst Medical Clinic

August 29, 2018 - TCO

TCO partners with Catalyst Medical Clinic

Twin Cities Orthopedics today announced a partnership with Catalyst Medical Clinic, PA. Catalyst is an independent practice with clinics in Chaska and Watertown led by its founder and president, Scott Jensen, MD, who is also a Minnesota state senator.

As part of this partnership, TCO will provide Catalyst with broad-based administrative support to further enhance the services Catalyst gives to its patients. The partnership reverses the trend of a cookie-cutter approach to health care, giving the power of choice back to patients, and allows physicians to focus their care on one patient at a time.

“TCO is excited about this partnership to diversify our offerings by bringing in an established and patient-first, family physician practice,” TCO CEO Troy Simonson said. “We see great opportunities by teaming up, as both of our groups have similar cultures that focus on quality care, patient choice and physician advocacy for their patients.”

Dr. Jensen brings 40 years of medical practice to the partnership that is anchored in giving power back to the patient. Jensen was named the 2016 Minnesota Family Physician of the Year by the Minnesota Association of Family Physicians. In addition to serving as a Minnesota state senator, Jensen is clinical associate professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

“For me to take Catalyst and say, ‘Let’s partner with TCO,’ I’m doing the best, strongest thing I could to preserve my patients’ ability to choose,” Dr. Jensen said. “TCO and Catalyst have championed the ideal that patients must be engaged as individuals.”

Catalyst Medical Clinic

Dr. Jensen encourages his patients to learn more about the practice. “Once we get done with our chat, I usually look them straight in the eye and say, ‘Do you mind if I take a few minutes to tell you about Catalyst?’ ”

He said he understands that in today’s health care world many patients feel like they don’t have choices or control over their decision-making.

“People are absolutely hungry to go to a health care provider and know they aren’t checking their brain and own agenda at the door,” Dr. Jensen said of his patient-first approach to care. “I’m more interested in taking care of you the way I would take care of my brother, my wife, my kids. If I refer you to someone, I’m referring you to them because that’s who I’d go to.”

TCO’s partnership with Catalyst will take effect Jan. 1, 2019.