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Frederick Harris, MD

April 29, 2019 - TCO

TCO to welcome its first neurosurgeon, Dr. Frederick Harris

Twin Cities Orthopedics will welcome Frederick Harris, MD, as its first neurosurgeon on May 6. Dr. Harris will practice at TCO’s Burnsville, Eagan – Viking Lakes and Fridley locations.

Dr. Harris, who cares for patients with all types of spine pathologies, brings his expertise of caring for patients with brain tumors, brain trauma, Chiari malformations and spine/spinal cord tumors. He is board-certified with 18 years of experience in treating patients with brain and spine pathologies.

Get to know more about Dr. Harris, a former NASA and Department of Defense engineer, and the role of neurosurgery at TCO.

Frederick Harris, MDWhy did you choose TCO?

Dr. Harris: “TCO is a very innovative and patient-centered organization that is continuously on the leading edge of medical and surgical care. Their practice aligned with my vision for the standards of care that patients deserve.”

How do you approach patient care?

Dr. Harris: “I believe in carefully listening to and understanding the concerns, symptoms and fears of each patient while clearly explaining their neurological condition and plan of treatment to their satisfaction. I would like each patient and their family members to leave my office with the comfort and understanding of their next phase of care with all questions answered.”

What is your care philosophy?

Dr. Harris: “I believe in quick and open access to all patients with any spine pathology and brain pathologies, including tumors and trauma. I have a rapport with patients and their families based on trust. I am able to openly discuss with them the patient’s symptoms, physical findings, concerns and treatment plan with a clear understanding to meet their expectations.”

How will your expertise help TCO patients?

Dr. Harris: “I will continue to care for patients with all types of spine pathologies and add the expertise of caring for patients with brain tumors, brain trauma, Chiari malformations and spine/spinal cord tumors.”

What are you most looking forward to at TCO?

Dr. Harris: “I’m looking forward to working with a very proactive group of physicians and surgeons and using innovative technology to provide the best care for all of our patients.”

What experiences are you most proud of?

Dr. Harris: “I’m most proud of having the courage to change careers from a Department of Defense and NASA engineer to a neurosurgeon.”

What’s your favorite quote?

Dr. Harris: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Why did you go into medicine?

Dr. Harris: “It was always a childhood dream of mine to pursue a career that would allow me to do something to help people. After working for NASA and the Department of Defense as an engineer to protect people, I continued to have the desire to directly make a difference in the lives of people on an individual level. That desire and my interest in human life led to my change of career and pursuing my ultimate dream of becoming a surgeon.”

How did you choose neurosurgery?

Dr. Harris: “From the first day of medical school, I developed an interest in the human nervous system and its pathologies. I found the nervous system to be a complicated-yet-intriguing body system that had endless areas of untouched information and continued potential to grow my intellectual curiosity.”

Allow us to give a big welcome to Dr. Harris, who currently is accepting appointments!