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TCO, Vikings provide Eagan progress update

October 23, 2017 - TCO

TCO, Vikings provide Eagan progress update

Construction at the future home of the Minnesota Vikings in Eagan is making great progress. The Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center and TCO Stadium are taking shape, as are TCO’s new, state-of-the-art facilities. Excitement is building as the Viking Lakes campus prepares to open in the spring of 2018.

Today, TCO joined the Vikings for a tour of the campus to highlight construction updates for the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, which will include the Vikings’ front offices as well as the club’s impressive training and practice facilities. Anchoring the campus will be TCO Stadium, a 6,000-seat venue for Vikings’ training and community sports events.

TCO’s presence on the campus will be further amplified by a 76,000-square-foot comprehensive orthopedic clinic featuring physical therapy; advanced imaging; hand therapy; Orthopedic Urgent Care; a Hydroworx pool; a surgery center — and even a café.

Medical Office Building

TCO will also be introducing an innovative and world-class Sports Medicine Center, suitable and conveniently accessible for athletes of all levels. It’s not just a sports performance environment but also an educational and healing environment that will incorporate brain health, vision and reaction training, muscle and tendon recovery systems, sports psychology, and regenerative medicine.

Sports Medicine Center

TCO’s facilities will represent the cutting edge of sports performance for every level of athlete, based on an innovative and holistic approach to preventing – and when necessary, treating – injuries.