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April 19, 2019

Keven D.

I know that most “stories” about recovery after orthopedic surgery will focus on the miracles that have changed people’s lives and created amazing physical outcomes, but I got ordinary results- and I couldn’t be happier! I had a total knee replacement in early January 2019. I came to this decision after many years of enduring knee pain and reaching the end of all of my non-surgical options. Therefore, on January 2nd, 2019, in the skilled hands of Dr. Andrea Saterbak, I had a total knee replacement. I was enrolled in the EXCEL Program and had great surgical and post-operative outcomes. I am an average guy who is not training for a big athletic event or career, but who values the ability to participate in every day activities, like getting out in nature and riding my bike for hours, going for walks with my wife, and traveling around the world. The months of recovery since the surgery have been a challenge and I worried that I would be unable to return to the physical activities that I treasure so much. I must admit to my own impatience in this healing process, but I know that the knowledge and skill of Dr. Saterbak’s team has helped me to move forward and resume more and more daily activities. I have begun riding my bike again and took my first outdoor bike ride during the recent nice weather! I am looking forward to many hours of riding my bike this summer and have several vacations planned with my wife later this year. I know that I will continue to build my strength and endurance, but am glad that my knee will no longer be a problem in my daily life. I appreciate that Dr. Saterbak and her team really listened to me and helped alleviate my concerns and encouraged me to pursue the everyday activities that I value so much. Bring on the nice weather- I’m ready for it!