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April 22, 2018

Michael M.

I had my first hip replacement in 2002. Before that surgery, my left leg was about 1/2 inch longer than my right. I asked that surgeon if he could even them out during the hip replacement. Not only did he NOT even them out, after surgery it was an inch longer as measured in 2012 at the Mayo clinic. This put more stress on my right hip and knee so that by September, 2017, I couldn't walk without a cane. My primary physician sent me for a cortisone shot and referred me to Dr. O'Neill, who had done my primary's hip replacement. I was examined by Dr. O'Neill in January, 2018 who told me my only viable option was a hip replacement, describing a different surgical attack, through the front of my thigh, rather than the back of the thigh, as was done with my left hip. I had right hip replacement surgery on February 1. When I awoke and was asked to use a walker, I noticed that my legs were the same length for the first time since what seemed like forever. I walked without pain, was off any assistance or pain medication in 8 days (as opposed to 6 weeks on crutches with my left hip replacement). I felt (and feel) like a new man! I have followed the Home Exercise Program and returned to the Y for treadmill and other exercises. I feel great! Just like my primary physician, I heartily recommend Dr. Owen O'Neill for a consultation on hip pain. He is straight forward, lists options, and if surgery is necessary, he is great!