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February 7, 2014

Rob R.

Rob, a retired Lindstrom resident, had been living with level 8 or 9 (i.e. very bad) pain for two years because of degenerative arthritis in both shoulders. His right shoulder was most in need of repair because calcium build-up and bone loss had made the use of his right arm agonizing, and rehabilitation and medication failed to contain it. “Going into surgery, there was the possibility of a partial or a total replacement,” said Rob, “but due to bone loss, only a partial replacement was possible.” After his hemi-arthroplasty surgery, Rob made note of the “excellent care” he received from his primary provider, Dr. Jamey Sotis, and from his surgeon,  Dr. Steven Meisterling. “I felt very comfortable in the OR, and appreciated all the explanation and detail on what would be happening,” he said. “I wouldn’t have chosen to go anywhere else.” He was hospitalized for just two days after surgery, followed by eight weeks of therapy and an arm sling. Robertson also commented that “my rehab at the Lindstrom Clinic was excellent and very personalized.” His pain continued to decrease as strength and use of his arm increased.