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November 30, 2017

Roberta E.

Dr. Arntson's Checklist: Listens - CHECK Does Not Judge - CHECK Knowledge - CHECK Provides Options (when appropriate) - CHECK Straight Forward - CHECK Compassionate/Cares About His Patients - CHECK, CHECK, CHECK Above is just a short list of reasons I would recommend Dr. Arntson to anyone struggling with making that all important decision to move ahead with joint replacement. At age 48, I had my first total knee replacement by another reputable surgeon (now retired) with Twin Cities Orthopedics.  Based on the success of that replacement, 5 years later I knew I needed the other knee replaced. Sticking with TCO, I had my left knee replaced in November 2015.  6-months post-op my knee just didn't feel right so I continued with visits to my doctor until finally at the 1-year post-op mark I went in for arthroscopy, resulting in the removal of minimal scar tissue.  Still not confident things were right, my doctor offered to scope again, but made the recommendation I see Dr. Arntson for a 2nd opinion. My initial consult with Dr. Arntson resulted in his giving 100% to listening to me share my issues of both knees and replacement history. Following a line of questioning, checking the stability, etc., of my problem knee he informed me that with everything described and done to that point it was a "red flag" that the new joint of less than 2 years needed to be replaced. Needless to say I was shocked, and disappointed. Options were provided and all tried (lab work to rule out infection, injection, another scope). After all was said and done, and the shock of a revised replacement wore off, I knew what needed to be done and felt very prepared to go through another replacement; more importantly, I was very confident that Dr. Arntson was going to make this revision a success. In early October 2017, the revision went ahead at Mercy Hospital. Unlike any other past surgeon, Dr. Arntson visited me each day I was in the hospital to ensure all was going well, changed the dressing and provided me information about the procedure itself. My first day of therapy in the hospital amazed both myself & my therapists. I made more progress in the first few days than expected and certainly far sooner than in the past! After 2-3 weeks I was experiencing some rather severe calf pain so Dr. Arntson ordered a scan to rule out a blood clot, which thankfully turned out negative. He called me at home with the results, as well as followed back around with another phone call a few days later to see how I was doing. I am now at week 5 post-op and doing very well.  Without a doubt, this "Rolls Royce" of new knees is going to get me back to my bowling average in no time at all. Thank you to Dr. Arntson, his surgical team and Mercy Hospital staff! It would be remiss of me if I didn't also give kudos to Kristen V., Dr. Arntson's patient care coordinator!  Kristen, as a supervisor in a different line of medical profession, I know just how tough some days can be.  I truly appreciate all of the help you provided me before, during and after my surgery.