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April 4, 2019

Taylor T.

Last year at gymnastics practice, I dislocated my elbow and tore all of the ligaments in it. It was the third day of practice for my freshman year of gymnastics. I was unable to participate in any of the season. I tried going to physical therapy for three months but it wasn’t helping and the stability of my elbow wasn’t there. I found out that I could have surgery to repair the ligaments but the recovery time was 10-14 months long. I really wanted to avoid being out for that long, so I decided to try therapy for another month. It still wasn’t helping. In March, I decided to have Tommy John surgery. Dr. Meletiou performed my surgery and I went back to therapy for eight months after. My therapist, Jacob Wendt was very helpful and was my favorite therapist that I had. The total recovery time was 13 months. I was able to get all of my old gymnastics skill back within the year and mid way through sophomore gymnastics season I was able to compete again. Thank you TCO!