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May 29, 2017

Liz V.

In September of 1990, I shattered my right ankle while seven months pregnant with my first son. Dr. McGarvey was the orthopedic surgeon on call at Fairview Ridges ER. He was very reassuring and confident that he could rebuild my ankle and I’d be good-to-go by my December 26th delivery date. Between my pregnancy and penicillin allergy, medication choices were slim and I would not be able to be completely put out. The anesthesiologist & anesthetist were so kind and attentive throughout the 3+ hour surgery. Dr. McGarvey basically rebuilt my ankle with a 5 or 6″ plate & screws on the right side and a pin on the left. My cast went from my toes to my knee and I could not put any weight on my ankle – not easy when 7-8 months pregnant and living in a two-story. It all would have made for a great reality show! The physical therapy center even had a a pool going for my delivery date … and the sex of the baby. And, on Christmas night, Jack was born. Almost 27 pain-free years later, I am very thankful for the surgeon on call in Burnsville’s ER.