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October 24, 2018

Michael S.

Dear Justina,

I am a big fan of TCO/EXCEL! I couldn’t be happier with my care from TCO & the Excel program.

The decision to move ahead with a knee replacement wasn’t easy for me. I had knee surgery years ago and it wasn’t a great experience. You all took the time to listen and to make me feel valued and respected, treating me as you would want to be treated. Kudo’s to all.

Dr. John Anderson showed great care and concern and his put me at ease. I was always confident that I had selected a great Doctor. Thomas Gendron, Dr. Anderson’s Surgical Assistant, was a great help thru post­op and always available for calls. Sue Vaness, Care Coordinator kept all the moving parts on track for me and made it as easy as can be.

I remember Erin & Kathy 2 great nurses in the recovery room with chapstick necklaces. I’m sorry for pulling out my intravenous line; I thought I was being stung by a bee.

And certainly the folks over at EXCEL, Marni G, Joint Coordinator and the fabulous nurses Donica, Alicia, Ashley E., Mimi & Jennifer and of course Laura my first Physical Therapist who got me started on the right track. You guys cheerfully took great care of me!

My recovery has been fantastic. I started PT right away, stretching and strengthening my leg.

At 5 weeks I was back at Yoga class 4 days a week and at the gym working the legs.

At about 4 month’s things started to feel almost normal.

At about 5 months, May/ June and was back on my bicycle doing 20 mile rides a few times a week

At about 9 months it seemed the strength in my right leg was about 75% back as was the flexibility. And now at 18 months Post Op I feel great and strong and flexible. Last month I went hiking in the Colorado Rockies.

I don’t really notice that I have a knee replacement.

When I went in for my pre-op consult with Dr. Anderson he explained the procedure and he told me that I would probably never be able to do a “Catchers Squat” (like a Baseball Catcher) again. In Yoga it’s called Malasana. At my 4 month checkup I showed him a “good” Malasana, Now at 18 months I have a great Malasana, better than Pre Op.

I’m very grateful for all your great care.

Michael S.