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June 12, 2016

Michelle P.

Dr. Deal performed surgery on my neck (discectomy and fusion C5 and/or C6) in December 2015. I have degenerative disc disease, had a herniated disc, suddenly last year I was in total pain. My symptoms were getting worse (right arm was going numb, severe neck pain, headaches). They were making it hard to do any type of exercise or sports, even work was a struggle. My family is very athletic and outdoors. I was slowly missing out because of the pain. I cannot tolerate pain medication so that was not even an option. I couldn’t ride my bike more than a few minutes without my arm going numb. I couldn’t keep up with my children. However, Dr. Deal changed all that. I just had my 6 month appointment a few days ago and my x-rays look good. I was given the OK to start jogging again, along with anything else I want to do.

I have been pain free and have not had any numbness in my arm since the surgery. Yesterday I started jogging again. I did a slow, short jog with a friend. Afterward, he said, “Did you realize this is your first time out since last summer and you could go farther than you did last year?”. I realized YES! Truth! This is after no exercising for the last 6 months! A few stretches here and there, slow walking (no power walks). I am simply amazed by Dr. Deal’s work. He knew exactly what needed to be done to get me back to my previous state. I can bike with the kids and not have to stop due to numbness in my arm or pain. Our family is so grateful. Anyone living with chronic pain knows that it is a struggle to just get out of bed some days. When pain is inside the body but not noticeable to the outside world, life can be a struggle. People (even those closest to you) do not and cannot possibly understand. I am happy to say I do not have chronic pain anymore! I am still amazed at how I feel only 6 months after the surgery. My scar is hardly noticeable. I have more energy. Overall, I feel like a new person. Thank you Dr. Deal!