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October 31, 2017

Nancy A.

I cannot thank Dr. Comfort enough for the exceptional, life changing outcome I have experienced since my total knee replacements.  I went from having tears while walking to get my mail to pain-free walking the dog, gardening, boating/kayaking, traveling, dancing with my husband and skipping with my granddaughter in just weeks after my knee replacement surgeries!  My life has completely changed for the better, renewing my desire to be active, laughing more and really becoming a better person mentally and physically. I am truly the person saying “I wish I would have done this sooner!” – I will gladly recommend Dr. Comfort and his staff David and Molly to each and everyone that is struggling to make the decision for knee replacement surgery.  Molly worked with my insurance company and promptly had my procedures approved and scheduled.  First knee was done mid-June and the second 3 weeks later in July 2017.  Recovery was fast and progress was seen and felt daily.  Best decision I have every made and my family and friends have been asking me to speak with their friends to recommend TCO and Dr. Comfort.  To wake up and get out of bed, go up and down stairs without pain is amazing, dancing with my husband and skipping with my granddaughter, is absolutely priceless! Thank YOU Dr. Comfort, David, Molly and all TCO staff!