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Training HAUS opens in Eagan

May 29, 2018 - TCO

Training HAUS opens in Eagan

Training HAUS, a brand-new sports performance and training center for athletes of all levels and ages, opened today at Viking Lakes in Eagan.

Powered by Twin Cities Orthopedics, Training HAUS, located at 2645 Vikings Circle, Suite 200, is adjacent to the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. Training HAUS is an elite performance facility that brings everything under one roof. With 22,000 square feet of turf, court, studio and sports science lab space, this is a place for athletes to train, improve performance and recover. Every detail that went into the development of this unique space is built on a foundation of science, research and world-class sports medicine expertise.

“It’s highly unique to our company as well as to the entire region,” TCO Director of Sports Medicine and Therapy Chris Bailey, PT, DPT, OCS, said. “We look forward to providing ‘pro-level’ care to not just the pros, but also everyone – from high school and collegiate athletes to marathoners and weekend warriors, among others.”

What’s inside

Inside Training HAUS you’ll find a basketball court, dance studio and 60 yards of turf field space; room for fitness classes, sports nutrition, biomechanics, resistance training, concussion and vision training labs, and conference spaces.

Equipment includes gravity-minimizing AlterG treadmills; Keiser resistance equipment; NormaTec, and cold laser therapy. Training HAUS will have the services needed for injury prevention, treatment, and recovery, including: athletic training, sports physical therapy, ImPACT concussion testing, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, yoga and fitness classes all in one place.

“Recovery is a big area of sports. There’s a lot of innovation to get athletes back on the field fast and effectively,” Bailey said. “Nutrition, sports psychology, rehabilitation, these things are offered throughout the market, but they’re not always in the same spot.”

Training HAUS staff

Utilizing innovative, science-based methods, our industry-leading team of experts – strength coaches, sports dietitians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, biomechanists, sports chiropractors, massage therapists, sports acupuncturists and sports psychologists – work together to form a personalized approach for the athlete.

Collectively, we establish a foundation for athletic performance that promises to challenge, inspire and produce real results.

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