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Twin Cities Orthopedics Opens Second Edina PT Location

December 7, 2012 - TCO

Twin Cities Orthopedics Opens Second Edina PT Location

Twin Cities Orthopedics opened its second Edina-based Physical Therapy facility on Dec. 3 at the Southdale Medical Center. Much of the 3,500 square foot space features sport flooring to allow proper cushioning and traction when jumping, cutting and shuffling. Equipment features include an UltraSlide board for lateral agility proprioception and endurance training for both the upper and lower body. The shuttle allows for reduced body weight and exaggerated plyometric training.

The clinic also has a sports net that will allow patients to replicate the functional activities of golf and overhead throwing. Beginning Jan. 1 the clinic will have the ability to use Dartfish technology to provide instant visual feedback on movement (gait, jumping, and landing) using high speed cameras and computer software. A state of the art Sonus surround system will be installed on Dec. 15 and will help in maintaining a high energy exercise environment.

The Athletic Competition Enhancement (ACE) program will also be based out of the new location. The 8 week program focuses on lower extremity rehab, helping athletes return to sporting activities.

The location will also include MedX lumbar and cervical strengthening for non Medicare patient population. The 12 week program provides a conservative, non-surgical option for patients to manage their low back and neck pain by building strength, endurance, and ROM.

TCO PT – Southdale Medical Center

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