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All About ACL Injuries – Part 1

May 25, 2016 - TCO

All About ACL Injuries – Part 1

Nicholas Weiss MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, shares insights on ACL injuries in this 2 part series.

An injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) typically is a season-ending injury for most athletes. This important knee stabilizer helps us jump, cut and pivot. Unsurprisingly, basketball, soccer, football, gymnastics and skiing are high-risk sports for ACL injury.

Studies have shown that female athletes are three to eight times more likely to sustain an ACL tear than their male counterparts. For women, certain athletic tasks, such as landing from a jump or cutting, occur in a way that makes injury more likely.

Injured athletes of both sexes often feel or hear a “pop” and see immediate, significant swelling when ACL injury occurs. Once the diagnosis is confirmed and the swelling goes down, surgery can be performed. The goal of ACL surgery is a stable, functional knee—and a return to pre-injury activity.

Nicholas Weiss, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, really knows knees and provides treatment for ACL injuries. He received Orthopaedic Surgery training at Mayo Clinic and completed a Sports Medicine fellowship at the University of Wisconsin — where he treated the Badgers. He is one of just a few specialists in the nation to treat ACL injuries with a highly advanced, “all inside” reconstruction technique. This minimally invasive technique achieves excellent results.