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April 5, 2021 - TCO

Athletes Built Here: Waconia Therapy & Performance

Champions are built, not born.

We opened our orthopedic clinic in Waconia many years ago because the community demanded top-tier care reach all corners of the metro. Now, we’re taking things to the next level with a world-class therapy and sports performance facility right here in Waconia.

Twin Cities Orthopedics and Training HAUS, powered by TCO, apply science, research and world-class sports medicine expertise to help local athletes elevate their games. Our sports performance training programs are designed to safely maximize each individual’s potential, so they can succeed at every level of competition.

Sam’s Story

All sports. All ages. All about getting better. Our small group training allows athletes to compete with their friends, while taking their individual games to the next level. Our expert coaches provide each athlete with a customized plan built around their own personal goals, and that’s what makes all the difference.

For Sam, a soccer standout at Waconia, the proof is on the pitch. After just a few months of training at TCO Waconia Therapy & Sports Performance, Sam and his teammates feel like they’re two steps ahead of the competition. More energy. More explosion. More confidence. Sam has taken his game to new heights, and coaches at the next level are taking notice.

Grace’s Story

For Grace, a high school senior, an eating disorder took a toll both mentally and physically.

Grace believed the thinner she was, the faster she was going to be. At TCO Waconia Therapy & Sports Performance, Grace learned the importance of nutrition and strength training.

With a healthy approach to training, Grace was able to achieve her dreams of running at the state cross country meet and recently committed to a D1 program.

Grace has taken her game to the next level, and the individualized approach at TCO has made all the difference.

TCO Waconia Therapy & Performance

We’re grateful for the opportunity to help local athletes chase their dreams.

Waconia, the next chapter of orthopedics and sports medicine is here. And it’s in your backyard.

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