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Construction continues on Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center

July 28, 2017 - TCO

Construction continues on Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center

Are you ready for some football? The first phase of a new NFL season kicked off for the Minnesota Vikings this week with the start of training camp. We’re super-excited for the return of football!

The players and coaches are sharpening their skills in the coming weeks in preparation for Week 1 and beyond. The regular season will be here before you know it.

We’ve got our favorite purple jerseys and horned helmets ready for NFL Sundays, and we hope you do, too. Skol, Vikings!

Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center

Eagan construction update

The first phase of construction of the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center continues in Eagan. The new home of the Vikings is scheduled to open in March and will house the team’s offices and practice facility. The Vikings’ current practice facility is Winter Park in Eden Prairie.

Adjacent to the new structure in Eagan will be TCO’s state-of-the-art full-service orthopedic facility and sports medicine center, scheduled to open in spring 2018. TCO is the Official Sports Medicine Provider for the Vikings and proud to be part of their future home.

“[The Vikings] are an entity very focused on excellence and wanting to be the world-class NFL franchise,” TCO CEO Troy Simonson told “There’s so much synergy there with TCO. We are very focused on excellence and being the best that there is, not only in this metro area, but in the country.”

Architects of the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center drew inspiration from Viking heritage into their plans. The floorplan for the main office building and 92,630-square-foot indoor practice facility is in the shape of a Viking hatchet.


Vikings headquarters will take up 40 of 200 acres of land known as Viking Lakes. Connected to the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center will be TCO Stadium, a 6,500-seat venue (expandable to 10,000) with a 54-by-30-foot video board, to accommodate the Vikings, as well as youth, high school and amateur athletics and other community events, and four grass practice fields.

The additional space will serve the community in the form of mix-use development for residential, retail, restaurants and hotel/conference center spaces that will be developed over the next decade-plus while preserving areas of greenspace and wetlands connected by public trails.

Currently in Eagan, TCO offers physical therapy by appointment and Orthopedic Urgent Care at a temporary location conveniently located off Duckwood Drive and Pilot Knob Road.