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March 10, 2020 - TCO

Difference Maker: Braidy S.

When we ask patients and their families about their experience at TCO, we often hear it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Every month we recognize a team member who went above and beyond to make a difference in the life of a patient. Often they did something that, if you asked them, “was no big deal,” or “is just part of their job.” But the truth is, their actions inspired others around them.

As a small token of our appreciation for making TCO a better place, we partnered with local artist Claire Ward to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art featuring an image of the recipient’s choosing.

Today, we’d like to thank Braidy (pictured with his patient) for being a Difference Maker.

Braidy’s Story

Physical therapy can be a thankless profession. You spend hours working with a patient, guiding and supporting them during a difficult, painful chapter of their life.

You get to know them, and their families. If you do your job well enough, you’ll never see them again. But more often than not, they never forget you.

That’s what makes Braidy’s story so amazing. He’s a highly accomplished physical therapist at Training HAUS in Eagan who’s known for always being fun, friendly, and welcoming to everyone. His integrity, quality and high-level of service truly make him special, but most importantly, he cares deeply about his patients.

This past fall, Braidy proved it. On a Friday night, Braidy drove nearly 2 hours to surprise one of his former patients who was playing in one of his first football games after a long rehab from complex knee surgery.

This patient did everything Braidy asked of him throughout his rehab, and drove a pretty long way to specifically see Braidy for treatments, so you can only imagine how much it meant to him and his parents to see Braidy at the game.

Braidy didn’t have to literally go the extra mile, but if he didn’t, then he wouldn’t be Braidy.

Thank you, Braidy, for providing such high-quality service and leading with integrity. You inspire us all!