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Education & Research

Continued education and research to benefit our patients and advance clinical practices

Continuing Education

Welcome to TCO Continuing Education! We are excited to announce our new platform to allow simple registration for our upcoming quality TCO hosted courses. Please see links below to learn more and register today.

TCO Continuing Education (CE) Committee Mission and Vision

The Mission of Continuing Education at Twin Cities Orthopedics is to offer learning opportunities that extend and assist clinicians in delivering care that is evidence-based, effective, innovative, and empowers clinicians to excel in outpatient orthopedic care. To this end, the TCO CE Committee will:

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To view online self-paced previous courses (not available for CE credit), click here.

Research Studies & Publications

Our physicians, physical therapists, and research team have been actively engaged in clinical research for over 20 years. We are dedicated to conducting research and quality improvement studies which provide benefits to our patients and advance clinical practice. We are widely published in the areas of sports medicine, arthroscopy, arthroplasty and patient-reported outcomes.

TCO is committed to furthering our understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedics and sports-related injuries. This is being accomplished through a multidisciplinary approach that includes thought leaders on musculoskeletal research, outcomes, clinical research, basic science, biomechanics, rehabilitation and performance.

Research Studies

TCO has an established track record of enrollment, data capture, and retention of study subjects. Our sites are enrolled in several industry sponsored studies throughout the year, and we are frequently complimented on our quality data and long-term follow-up protocols.

To view current IRB approved studies, click here.

Research Publications

To view current publications, click here.

To view past research studies and publications, download the TCO Foundation Annual Reports from the TCO Foundation website.