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Fall/Winter Activity Tips

December 3, 2015 - TCO

Fall/Winter Activity Tips

Were you one of the 500,000 individuals that sported the blaze orange and trekked through the beautiful Minnesota or Wisconsin wilderness in search of the elusive white-tailed deer? If you were, we hope that you were safe and enjoyed time with friends and family as part of the tradition that is “deer camp.” We know all too well though that the outdoors and everything that goes with it can be unpredictable and injuries happen. Here are some tips to prevent the unforeseen outdoor mishap:

1. Proper equipment

Just as in any sport, your equipment must in good condition to protect you. Shoes and boots should have good traction and support to accommodate the changing surfaces that you are walking or running on. If you enjoy biking in changing conditions, make sure your ride is just as ready as you are for a safe journey.

2. Know the weather

Let’s face it folks, we all know that if you don’t like the weather in Minnesota or Wisconsin, just wait five minutes and it’ll change. There have been times where it’s been 50 degrees one minute and after lunch break the snow is falling. If you venture outside, check the forecast and do your best to be prepared for the conditions.

3. Location, location, location

“Honey, we’re lost!” she exclaims. He replies, “No, no, I know exactly where we are.” It happens and sometimes we lose our bearings. If you venture into the great unknown, have a way to find your location. A GPS device can determine your location quickly. If you do take a bad step and can’t walk out of the area, have your cell phone to call for help. If you’re in a very remote area, a satellite phone is a great tool.

4. Have a plan

Communication is essential to the things we do. This is especially true as it relates to the outdoors. If you’re venturing out on your own, communicate your plans before you go and inform someone of your destination, and when you plan to return.