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Quality & Outcomes

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Patient Satisfaction

We know that patients have many choices when it comes to receiving medical care, and that is why everyone at TCO works tirelessly to ensure you have the best experience possible. You expect an exceptional experience, and TCO delivers - more than 98% of our patients would recommend TCO to a friend or family member. Whether you schedule an appointment in one of our clinics or unexpectedly find yourself in one of our Orthopedic Urgent Care locations, we will strive to deliver high-quality care that results in improved outcomes and a superior patient experience.


of patients would recommend tco to their family & friends


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Through our advanced data-collection software system we are able to capture patient-reported outcomes that provide actionable information used to improve care and outcomes. The data we collect encompasses every aspect of patient care and enables us to measure individualized patient improvement, optimize treatment plans and improve your overall experience at TCO.


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You can provide outcome information to update your surgeon on your procedure

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Hand & Wrist

CMC Arthroplasty

Patients reported satisfaction with surgical results

6 months post-surgery


Foot & Ankle

Total Ankle Replacement

Patients reported reduced pain after surgery

1 year post-surgery


Shoulder & Elbow

Rotator Cuff Repair

Patients reported little to no difficulty with daily activities

1 year post-surgery


Knee & Hip

Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA)

Patients would have surgery again, if needed

6 months post-surgery


Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA)

Patients reported increased hip function after surgery

1 year post-surgery


Sports Medicine

ACL Reconstruction

Patients were able to perform activities as normal

1 year post-surgery


Back & Neck


Patients would have surgery again, if needed

1 month post-surgery



Patients reported reduced neck pain after surgery

1 year post-surgery


TCO physicians, administration and staff are committed to transparency in providing quality and cost-effective care. We want to provide the best possible experience in our clinics and surgical facilities for our patients.
Gary Wyard | Chief Medical Officer, TCO

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Tackling the opioid crisis through community teammwork

Below is an excerpt from OR Manager, August 2019: “TCO and Revo decided to examine the prescribing practices of their own physicians, and formed a plan to reduce prescriptions and consumption quantities. The big question: How to balance prescribing practices with appropriate pain management, ensure patient satisfaction, and reduce adverse…

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