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June 8, 2020 - TCO

Join us June 24th for breathe | MOVE | be

Take 30 minutes for yourself…you deserve it.

Fitness coach JC Lippold is leading a FREE class on our Instagram Live (@twincitesortho) at noon on June 24th. We’ll focus on breathing + moving + being observant and open. JC’s unique spin on meditation is the perfect way to refresh your mind & body. All ages are welcome.

We are our most capable, potent selves when we are in the present.

Meditation, the practice of being where you are with what you have and cultivating appreciation for that, provides you a skill set to get there.

This 30-minute class will consist of learning and practicing some exercises that take meditation off of the proverbial high shelf and place it in your hands. Together, a conversation around re-imagining meditation will take place. The goal: creating moments, in the moment.