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January 24, 2022 - TCO

Meet TCO’s Foot & Ankle Fellow: Dr. Hui Zhang

Born in China and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. Hui Zhang is TCO’s second-ever Foot & Ankle Fellow. Dr. Zhang attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. He then taught high school science for three years in Chicago, Illinois as a part of the Teach for America program.

Afterwards, Dr. Zhang received a medical degree from the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and then went on to complete his orthopedic surgery residency at Geisinger Health System in Danville, Pennsylvania. Dr. Zhang has two sons and a daughter with his wife, Kristen.

To learn more about Dr. Zhang and his experience as a Foot & Ankle Fellow, check out the Q&A below.


Q: What made you want to pursue a career in medicine?

A: I was called to medicine and orthopedic surgery in particular because it provides the privilege of helping patients and their families in times of need. I have always felt that those of us who work in healthcare are so lucky to have a job where we can really make lasting impacts on others, and this has been so true in orthopedic surgery. Oftentimes, the issues our patients face not only impact their own lives, but their families’ lives as well. I find helping patients push through the challenges they face very rewarding because I am able see the positive changes.

Q: Why did you apply for the TCO Fellowship program?

A: What stood out to me about the TCO Foot and Ankle Surgery Fellowship were the mentors and support that is given to the Fellows. Not only do I get to work with incredibly skilled and renowned mentors, I also have a whole team of support staff who also genuinely care about my success and growth as a surgeon. From the research team to the clinical assistants, there are so many people here who are helping me learn and grow. The culture of the fellowship is similar to the culture of TCO in general: it is extremely patient-centered (or in my case, student-centered). All of my mentors are amazing advocates for my growth and development as a surgeon and work hard to allow me to focus solely on improving my skills and knowledge.

Q: What are you looking forward to as part of the program?

A: I am not only looking forward to learning different operative techniques and different ways to tackle challenging clinical problems, but also different practice styles and different ways to run a team. I have always felt that the key to having a successful practice is to have a great team around you. The exciting part about being in a fellowship where I have the opportunity to work with so many different mentors is the opportunity to learn different leadership styles and different ways that teams can be successful. I know that this experience will be incredibly helpful when it comes time for me to develop a team of my own.

Q: What’s one interesting thing you’ve already learned about TCO?

A: While I knew that TCO was an incredibly efficient team and organization, I am still blown away by how quickly and smoothly everything runs here. Everything is centered around delivering the right care to the patient in a quick, seamless manner. From the operating rooms to the clinics, all unexpected challenges are handled in a quick and positive way. Another aspect of working here at TCO that has been awesome is seeing the diverse group of people that I get to work with. I have really enjoyed working with people from so many different backgrounds and life experiences. Having been a teacher in an African-American high school on the south side of Chicago, as well as having three mixed raced Asian-American children, I value a workplace that not only has diversity, but embraces it. Wherever I go in my career, I want to always strive to make my clinic and workplace a place where all people feel welcome, patients and colleagues alike.

Q: Outside of orthopedics and medicine, what are your hobbies/interests?

A: I used to have more hobbies, like long distance running and triathlons, but nowadays, I love just being a dad. Any free time I have, I love playing with my kids and pretending to be a tickle monster, pirate, and other various villains. I have also really enjoyed all of the incredible food the Twin Cities has to offer.

About the Fellowship

The TCO Foot and Ankle Fellowship program offers advanced subspecialty training in foot and ankle orthopedics in a high-volume private practice. Fellows can expect exposure to all aspects of foot and ankle orthopedics with a particular focus on ankle replacement and arthrodesis, hindfoot and forefoot reconstruction, sports injuries, and trauma.

Fellows are expected to:

  • Develop knowledge and skills to cultivate an individual practice
  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide complete orthopedic foot and ankle care for persons of all ages
  • Participate as a member of a team that includes physicians, rehabilitation specialists, and prosthetists and orthotists
  • Participate in a publishable-quality research project

This fellowship supports professional growth through regularly scheduled didactic lectures, monthly journal club and research meetings, industry labs, and participation in AOFAS meetings.

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