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Online Scheduling

We’re excited to now offer online scheduling for orthopedic physician appointments.

If you meet any of the criteria below, please click the “Schedule Online” button to book your appointment.


For any appointments with a provider other than a physician, please call TCO to schedule. Please click on the below request appointment button for physician appointments for post-op care, fracture care, or if you had prior surgery on the requested body part.


Rheumatology Patients

To schedule a rheumatology appointment, please call 952-345-7701 and learn more about locations and providers.

Cancel Your Appointment

Click here to cancel an upcoming physician appointments.

NOTE: This cancellation form is for physician appointments only. Please call to cancel or reschedule appointments for therapy, imaging (MRI/CT), etc. If you need to reschedule an upcoming visit, please call 952-456-7777.