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Patient Resources

Locate important forms and information regarding your health.

Appointment Reminders

Information for patients to help prepare for your upcoming visit or to make scheduling changes – click here.

Doctor Forms & Instructions

Your physician may give you specific instructions following a treatment or surgery. Visit your physician’s bio page to view any specific treatments that he/she may have.

Records Request

In order to request the release of your private medical records, please download and complete the Authorization for Release of Medical Information form below. For additional information, please go to the Release of Information (ROI) page – click here.

Authorization for Release of Medical Information

Minor Consent

In order to authorize consent to treatment of a minor, please download, print and complete the Authorization to Consent to Treatment of a Minor form below.

Authorization to Consent to Treatment of a Minor

Amend Your Medical Record

If there is an omission or error in your medical record, you can request an amendment to your record. Please download and complete the “record amendment request” form. Upon completion, the form can be returned to the clinic that the service was provided; identification will be required. The request will be reviewed with the provider and you will be notified on the status of the request.

Record Amendment Request

Follow My Health

If you are interested in connecting to the TCO Patient Portal, Follow My Health, please click on the link below to fill out the form.

Follow My Health Form

Medicare & Medical Assistance Patients – Requiring MRI Testing

We are obligated to tell you a list of available MRI locations in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.

Medicare & Medical Assistance – MRI Locations

Worker’s Compensation

Our Worker’s Compensation services offer a comprehensive program designed to help injured employees quickly return to maximum employment potential. Utilizing the Midwest’s most advanced equipment, our experienced physicians diagnose and treat work-related injuries with a full understanding of the unique nature of workers compensation cases. Our support staff works closely with employers, insurance carriers and rehabilitation consultants to ensure that the post-injury and rehabilitation process goes smoothly.

At Twin Cities Orthopedics, our physicians know each patient has unique and specific needs. That’s why we take a customized approach to recovery. Early diagnosis, treatment and close supervision result in earlier rehabilitation and a safe return to the workplace.

When calling to schedule your appointment, please have the following information:

  • Name of your employer at the time of the injury
  • Date of injury
  • Work Comp carrier name and address
  • The Work Comp carrier’s claim number
  • Adjuster’s name, phone and fax numbers


If you are having trouble viewing your IMPAX CDs on your computer, it may be a problem with your Windows software. Some patients have had compatibility issues with Microsoft Vista and Windows 7. If you are using a computer with this software, please view helpful instructions in the link below.

Viewing IMPAX CDS on Microsoft Vista or Windows 7