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Orthopedic Surgery, Board Certified Arthroscopic Shoulder Reconstruction

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Hip Care
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Sports Medicine

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Practice Overview

Allan F. Hunt, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. Working with patients of all ages, Dr. Hunt’s areas of expertise include arthroscopic shoulder and knee reconstruction, and adult shoulder, knee, and hip reconstruction. He is one of few surgeons currently performing Quad Tendon ACL Reconstruction. Dr. Hunt served in the United States Army Reserves for 11 years, and maintains a strong relationship with the VA, including surgical teaching at VA hospitals in the Twin Cities.

In his free time, Dr. Hunt enjoys volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America as a Scout Master and Den Leader.

Dr. Hunt also participates in the TCO EXCEL Surgery & Recovery program. Learn more about EXCEL here.

Clinical Interest

Shoulder care, including shoulder joint replacement, shoulder joint revision, adult reconstructive shoulder surgery, arthroscopic shoulder reconstruction, reverse total shoulder, and superior capsular reconstruction

Knee care, including knee joint replacement, adult reconstructive knee surgery, and ACL reconstruction

Sports medicine, including cartilage resurfacing, rotator cuff repair, and shoulder instability

Hip care, including hip joint replacement and adult reconstructive hip surgery


Board Certified, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

University of Minnesota School of Medicine

Medical Degree
University of Minnesota School of Medicine

Hospital & Surgery Center Affiliations

Crosstown Surgery Center
Fairview Southdale Hospital
Maple Grove Hospital
Orthopedic Institute
VA Medical Center
WestHealth Surgery Center

Professional Affiliations

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
American Medical Association
Minnesota Orthopaedic Society
Twin Cities Orthopaedic Society

Educational Appointments

Former Instructor for the Tria Sports Medicine Fellowship
Arthrex Educator
St. John’s University Alumni

Achievements & Awards

Voted as a Top Doctor in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine (2004, 2007 – 2009, 2019 – 2023)


Nicholas Meath, PA-C

Nicholas Meath, PA-C
Certified Physician Assistant

Angela F.
Care Coordinator

John M, OPA
Orthopedic Physician Assistant

Jen L.
Certified Clinical Assistant

Connor M.
Medical Scribe

Patient Testimonials

January 19, 2023

Jeffrey W.

As the Mayor of Plymouth, I am excited to welcome Twin Cities Orthopedics to our community in 2023. As a long time distance runner (23 marathons), I appreciate the care that Dr. Hunt and the EXCEL Program has provided to me. I had meniscus surgery in 2019, again in 2020, and a full hip replacement in 2021. While my long distance running days are over, I’m able to maintain a high quality and active life without pain, continuing to work out and maintain my fitness. I cannot say enough of the great work that TCO is doing and what Dr. Hunt did for me!

December 23, 2022

Jeff F.

Dr. Allan Hunt and his staff did a great job with my surgery and explaining everything to know before, during, and after surgery. Everyone was very friendly and professional. With every question I had, they answered it right away and made me feel so comfortable with surgery. I feel so great now and am glad they helped me through this process. I would highly recommend Dr. Hunt to anyone. They have a great team at TCO.

December 14, 2022

Mark B.

I went to Dr. Hunt after being referred to him by a friend. My shoulder had deteriorated from osteoarthritis, due to wear and tear brought on by an active lifestyle. I was approaching this procedure with trepidation due to the long recovery time associated with shoulder replacement. I am now 10 weeks past my surgery date and my shoulder is doing great. I am way ahead of where I thought I would be at this time. My 2 month post-op with Dr. Hunt included an X-ray image of my new shoulder joint and everything looked great, with textbook alignment and positioning. I credit Dr. Hunt’s skill and experience with this really good outcome. Regular physical therapy is also key. My other shoulder is next on the list for replacement and I am sure I will be going back to Dr. Hunt.

December 8, 2022

Mark B.

I went to Dr. Hunt after being referred to him by a friend. My shoulder had deteriorated from osteoarthritis, due to wear and tear brought on by an active lifestyle. I was approaching this procedure with trepidation due to the long recovery time associated with shoulder replacement. I am now 10 weeks past my surgery date and my shoulder is doing great. I am way ahead of where I thought I would be at this time. My 2 month post-op with Dr. Hunt included an X-ray image of my new shoulder joint and everything looked great with textbook alignment and positioning. I credit Dr. Hunt’s skill and experience with this really good outcome. Regular physical therapy is also key. My other shoulder is next on the list for replacement and I am sure I will be going back to Dr. Hunt.

September 13, 2022

Diana R.

My most recent surgery with Dr. Hunt was truly amazing. I dislocated my kneecap when I was out of state, 4 weeks after my total knee replacement. I was out of network and getting quite a bit of conflicting and distressing diagnoses from medical folks in the state I was in. Dr. Hunt said to come back and he’d fix me up. I travelled back (an adventure in and of itself) and he assessed, made a game plan and got me fixed. He and his team were great. The experience was very distressing and the fact I had Dr. Hunt to help me was phenomenally reassuring. So far, he’s fixed my right shoulder, replaced both knees and did the last-minute fix up of my dislocated kneecap as described above. I am beyond grateful. He has been kind, nice, efficient, knowledgeable and fun to have as my surgeon. Can’t speak highly enough about him and his team. Dr. Hunt has also done surgery on 3 of my friends’ (knees and shoulders) and they have all had great experiences too.

April 22, 2022

Allan C.

After an accident falling on my knee, Dr. Hunt knew almost immediately what the subsequent MRI was going to reveal, simply from physical examination and discussion of my symptoms. The MRI confirmed EXACTLY what he predicted, and what the meniscus repair surgery would entail. His explanations and recommendations were so clear and concise that my confidence in the procedure was total. After the surgery, by following the recommended rest/ice/elevate therapy for 2 days, my knee was totally pain-free and ready for gradual return to normal. I can’t imagine a better scenario and outcome than this one. Thank you Dr. Hunt!

March 6, 2022

Martin P.

I can’t recommend Dr. Hunt enough. He’s a doctor that will not only listen to you, but will work WITH you to come up with the best treatment plan. Dr. Hunt has worked on both of my knee replacements and one of my shoulders. The range of motion that I got back exceeded what I thought! Dr. Hunt and his entire team are great. They’re dedicated to ensuring that your treatment and recovery go well. In fact, I recently moved out of state and discovered I needed to have a patella ligament reconstruction done to my knee and there was only one person I wanted to do it! Dr. Hunt and his team worked with me remotely to diagnose and get the surgery set up. I returned to Minnesota for the surgery and am now well on my way to recovery. Thank you Dr. Hunt, Nick, Sara and all the TCO staff!

December 21, 2021


I could not be happier or have enough good things to say about the care, concern, and time that Dr. Hunt provided leading up to my surgery and afterwards. The entire EXCEL Program experience was top notch from beginning to end. The entire team was fantastic every step of the way. The best part is that I have a whole new knee and physical therapy is going great. I would highly recommend Dr. Hunt, his team, and the entire EXCEL Program. They make it effortless with everything packaged together!

November 23, 2021

Robert W.

I am a retired general surgeon and have known Dr. Hunt for 25 years. We practiced together at his previous organization and when my knee needed replacement, there was no question who I would see. Not only is he an expert surgeon, he is a caring, down to earth man who never takes his role in the patient-doctor relationship for granted. My surgery went smoothly and I am completely recovered. I can’t recommend him enough.

October 26, 2021

Kurt J.

I would recommend Twin Cities Orthopedics to anyone in need of orthopedic surgery. I especially would recommend Dr. Hunt. I couldn’t be happier to have him as my surgeon. He was genuinely concerned about my well-being. I can’t thank him enough

August 9, 2021

Jan Y.

Dr. Allan Hunt gave me my life back. I had a total knee arthroplasty surgery in September of 2020. My doctor at the time, insisted nothing was wrong after my procedure. I struggled for five months. It was a total nightmare, including one month of using a Jazz splint. My insurance changed in January of 2021, allowing me to see Dr. Hunt. I was referred to him by my sister-in-law who had this surgery done by Dr. Hunt years ago.

Dr. Hunt listened to my concerns and ordered a weight bearing x-ray and knew immediately what needed to be done. He showed my husband and I where all the issues were. The only way to correct them was to have a total knee revision. I am five months post-op from my total knee revision and enjoying my life, including riding my bike. Dr. Hunt and his team have a direct pass to Heaven as far as I’m concerned. If you want it done right, I strongly suggest seeing Dr. Hunt the first time.

February 6, 2021

Daniel N.

I went in to see Dr. Hunt after living with an arthritic left shoulder for a few years. The pain was getting to the point where I couldn’t do everyday tasks or exercise like I used to. My x-rays confirmed I had severe osteoarthritis, as well as bone on bone in the joint. Dr. Hunt spent time explaining what was going on and what we could do about it. He was very attentive to my concerns and I felt at ease with him after my diagnosis. I had surgery on 12/15/20 and was able to come home the same day. Dr. Hunt replaced my shoulder joint with stemless components, as well as repairing a rotator cuff and a torn bicep tendon. I am now approximately two months post-op and the pain has disappeared. My physical therapy is going well, as I regain range of motion and strength in my repaired shoulder. I am very grateful to Dr. Hunt & staff, as well as the people at Abbott NW Hospital, for all they have done for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone having shoulder issues.

November 19, 2020

Vicki H.

I was referred to Dr. Hunt from a friend who worked within TCO. She didn’t hesitate for a minute when I asked her. Dr. Hunt is not only an amazing doctor he is also a kind, gentle, caring, and very humble man. He always took the time to explain anything I had questions about. Before my shoulder surgery his team went above and beyond to keep me comfortable and relaxed before surgery and during recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Hunt and his team to anyone and everyone.

May 26, 2020

Geoff T.

Visited TCO in late November 2019 and saw Dr. Hunt for a sore shoulder. I thought it was related to an old rotor cuff repair but instead was a wore out joint. I had the shoulder replacement done 12/11/19 and was home in one day. Other than the surgical block I needed no other pain meds. Dr. Hunt and the EXCEL Program were great.

June 28, 2019

Peg D.

I’d been having knee pain for a few years and finally went to Dr. Allan Hunt to see what could be done. MRI and Xrays showed that I had nothing left and needed both knees replaced. I did the first one right after Thanksgiving and the second one this past March. He recommended the EXCEL program. I was back home in 32 hours after my surgery. With the EXCEL program, I did one night at the transitional care unit across the street from TCO Edina. It’s nurse to patient ratio 2 to 1!! Dr. Hunt’s team is great to work with- they make sure you know what to expect every step of the way. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I feel like have my life back. Thanks again, Dr. Hunt!!

June 24, 2019

Kenneth K.

Had surgery October 2017 by Dr. Hunt. Easy transition period, no complications. Mobility is back to normal. Dr. Hunt is extremely gifted with his surgical skills. He is professional, understanding and communicates well. He is patient and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend him with no hesitation at all. I am deeply grateful for his expertise.

May 2, 2019

Stacey H.

Oh, where to begin? I have received wonderful care from various providers at Twin Cities Orthopedics but the one who stands out the most is Dr. Allan Hunt. He has been my surgeon/doctor for the past 16 years. Playing sports always came natural for me, especially softball. However, playing ball ended up taking a toll on my body even up to my 40’s. But to find out playing ball actually saved my life down the road. I’ve had over 25 orthopedic surgeries from shoulders and hips to ankles and knees. Of course over the years, when you have all these surgeries, your body and your mental state sometimes and you become depressed, which I ended up being. I, of course, started to pack on the weight and started to get depressed. Many personal things had happened in my life after losing both my parents, a divorce, and I was later diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which is a connective tissue disorder (diagnosed at 41). Even in my appointments with Dr. Hunt, my weight was never brought up even though I knew I needed to take charge of my life. Pushing close to 310, I knew I needed to take charge, so I started to work out and watch what I was eating. I was already having my 3rd knee surgery and of course it was progressively getting worse. As the weight was coming off, the knee just didn’t want to budge. After losing 170 pounds and 160 inches, even after all that I did my knee just gave out on me. I remember calling Kendra and telling her, “It’s time to schedule surgery for my TKA”, and she said “Okay, let’s schedule that appointment with Dr. Hunt.”

I saw him in July of 2018, the plan was to wait until I was 50, I was 45. I remember, he came in after looking at the X-rays and he looked at me and I looked at him and we both knew it was time. I scheduled my surgery for December. I wanted to get strong for this surgery, so I became diligent with the exercises and was working out more and getting my muscles strong. December 17th came and I was ready for this bionic knee. Surgery was done and Dr. Hunt said everything was great. I was working with the physical therapist at Aurora and I was doing such a great job that I graduated to using a cane when I went home the next day. When I started physical therapy at TCO, my physical therapist, was a little confused when he saw me he was like where is your walker and I told him, I graduated to a cane and I was told I didn’t need a walker. He smiled. Then we did my Hx & Px and then we went over to the bike and gave me a little pep talk and told me don’t get discouraged if you can’t do a full rotation on the bike. I get on the bike and I started to peddle away on the bike. He asked me when I had surgery and I told him Monday and it was Wednesday. He told me that he has been a physical therapist for almost 10 years and he has never had a patient be able to do a full rotation on the bike, where it can sometimes take 2 weeks to a month for some patients. Man that felt good to hear this. I had been working so hard to accomplish to get strong and get my quads even stronger. I had a total of 15 PT sessions, and was discharged before having my second post-op appointment with Dr. Hunt. In all of my surgeries, this has never happened. My ROM was near perfect, I got it to 141/0. I kept working at it and never gave up. I still workout and I still do my exercises, and I have to be that example for others especially dealing with having Ehlers Danlos. I may have a mild condition, but I don’t let it define me, I keep a positive attitude. In all these years, Dr. Hunt has played a huge impact, he has always been a huge advocate for me, he has been my support system, an encourager, and most importantly, a friend, and I am forever grateful for him.

April 18, 2019

Gregg E.

I have had knee pain for several years. It got to the point that I could not take it anymore. I played hockey when I was younger and I have been a police officer for close to 28 years. I have been involved in several incidents throughout my career which have resulted in further pain. Each time I noticed the pain was getting worse. I kept putting it off and thought I could live with it. My wife convinced me to see a doctor. Our oldest daughter was getting married in August and I thought about me and her walking down the aisle. I saw Dr. Hunt and he went through all my options. What a wonderful man. He showed me compassion and was straight forward with me. I had a partial knee replacement in April of 2018. The surgery went well. I stayed over night in Plymouth and received excellent care from your nurses. My physical therapy was at your Burnsville location. They pushed me and helped in my recovery.

I walked my daughter down on her wedding day. I will also be retiring in May of 2019 as a police officer. I saw Dr. Hunt today for my one year check-up. I was again impressed by his bed side manner. You should be proud on how he and his staff represent TCO.

Thank you for the great care,

April 9, 2019

Jenell A.

I had an 8:40 am appointment this morning, and I actually got there about 10 minutes early (even with Highway 62 traffic – yuck). Dr. Hunt was very precise and professional as always and I was back in my car by 8:46 am!!! I love love love Dr. Hunt and Twin Cities Orthopedics! So friendly and they know their stuff. I have trusted the TCO Edina with my care since 2001 and will continue.

P.S. Kendra is amazing, and Nicholas as well (Dr. Hunt’s care team).

March 19, 2019

Joan W.

After suffering for over 20 years with lots of pain in my left shoulder, I had a fall. That, of course, finally pushed me to have surgery that I had been putting off. Dr. Hunt was recommended to me, and am I glad! He explained everything to me in words I could understand. Then I had the reverse shoulder surgery. My goodness, that pain was worse than my 36 hour delivery of my 10.3 lb baby girl (with no pain meds)! But well worth it, as I am pain-free now. And my PT, what a sweetie. He answered all my many questions without rolling his eyes!

February 19, 2019

Jackie L.

Dr. Hunt is the best Dr.

November 29, 2018

Fanniemay B.

I would not trade in Dr. Hunt for any other knee or shoulder physician. He has very good bedside manner, he greets you with a pleasant smile, and he listens to what you have to say. I had so much pain in my shoulder and Dr. Hunt repaired my rotator cuff. When you look at my shoulder today, you can’t tell that I had a surgery. He is also treating my both kees at this time. Dr. Hunt,  thank you for all that you do.

October 11, 2018

Martin P.

I thought the TCO EXCEL Program was great. This was my first surgery requiring an overnight stay and having such a comprehensive, well-explained process was really appreciated. Dr. Hunt gave a good high-level explanation of how it all worked and it exceeded my expectations. Once surgery was scheduled, everything went smoothly, was well explained, super simple billing process and Dr. Hunt and all my caregiving staff were friendly, professional and had me back on track for walking farther than I thought possible.

July 31, 2018

Steve F.

I met Dr. Hunt in 2016 at the Minneapolis VA where I was referred to him as being a doctor who could handle difficult cases. I had been treated at the VA for over 6 months for shoulder pain without resolution and without a good diagnosis. Dr. Hunt got me an MRI, and very quickly diagnosed a full thickness supraspinatus tendon tear that had happened several months earlier with resultant muscle atrophy. He helped me negotiate the VA system – which said they could schedule surgery in six months – to get referred out to his clinic where I got the arthroscopic shoulder repair surgery much more quickly. Recovery was almost miraculous, literally pain free after two days.

Then, the knees. Both knees had had meniscus cartilage removal/repair between 45 and 50 years ago. Both were bone on bone, arthritic and causing much pain.   After looking at the X-rays he simply asked, “Which one first?” I had a full knee replacement on left knee in January 2017 and another on my right knee in January 2018 by Dr. Hunt, Nick and the rest of his excellent team. Was only in hospital about 30 hours (one night) with the right knee. I am now moving without pain and doing things I have not been able to do for years. And I am a 75 year old man!!! Riding bicycle, climbing ladders, doing heavy building work, etc. are all in my weekly routine.

Dr. Hunt, Nick and the rest of the team display such skill, compassion, humor and overall pleasant demeanor that I would not hesitate one moment in recommending them for any potential patient.

July 31, 2018

Pam S.

In 2014, Dr. Hunt suggested bilateral partial knee replacements to treat years of knee pain that had not responded to other options. Within weeks the surgery was complete and within hours I was walking. Dr. Hunt has a caring and warm manner when working with patients. He explains everything really well and inspires confidence. Every aspect of the experience was handled with efficiency and competence. After a week I was free of pain and within a month I was able to begin a school year as a teacher and easily manage two flights of stairs multiple times a day. Four years later my knees continue to feel better than ever. I haven’t had one problem or bit of pain. Dr. Hunt continues to be sincerely supportive, friendly and keeps an eye on the alignment of the replacements and the knee parts that were not replaced. I can’t say enough about the positive experience I have had with Dr. Hunt and Twin Cities Orthopedics. What a difference it has made in the quality of my day to day life! Thank you Dr. Hunt!

June 1, 2018

Mary O.

Dr. Hunt is a phenomenal surgeon with a wonderful bedside manner. He was able to fully explain the procedure to me and put my frightened mind to rest. He continued to encourage and care for me throughout the surgery and recovery. My new knees are awesome and I have a new, better life. I am so thankful for a compassionate, skilled surgeon like Dr. Hunt.

April 23, 2018

Tim S.

Back in 2009 I had a total shoulder replacement done at a facility in North Dakota. After 9 years of feeling like a rockstar I was driving my car one day and heard and felt a click in that shoulder. Knowing something broke I returned to that doctor and had an X-ray done. My humerus ball set screw had fractured in half. I was scheduled for surgery but found out he was outside of my network. I began my search for a surgeon who could do this shoulder revision. All the doctors were willing to do it until they saw my X-ray. After hearing no from 8 different doctors closer to my home in west central Minnesota, I ended up calling Twin Cities Orthopedics. Within a half hour I had an appointment with Dr. Allan Hunt who said he was going to do it. I appreciate the prompt, courteous, and confident treatment I received from Dr Hunt. He was able to fix the train wreck of a shoulder I had. I highly recommend Dr. Hunt, he does not shy away from a challenge, he did the research, came up with various options, was prepared for everything when he got in there! Thank you Dr. Hunt and TCO!!

April 23, 2018

Kenneth K.

I consulted two previous orthopedic surgeons, both of whom informed me that I had an irreparable rotator cuff. My next physician consult was from Dr. Hunt, who was confident that he could repair my shoulder with a “cuff cap” that consisted of donor tissue. The surgery went very well and he was also able to repair the bicep tendon that was torn completely. It has been five months since surgery and the recovery has been excellent. I have gained 95% of my shoulder movement, my strength is increasing and I have had no pain for a long time now. Dr. Hunt is an excellent surgeon, likable, and definitely listened to my concerns. I would not hesitate to go back to him if I needed another surgery. I highly recommend him.

March 23, 2018

Kirsten V.

If you have the unfortunate diagnosis of “Frozen Shoulder”, schedule a hydroplasty procedure with Dr. Allan Hunt. I was diagnosed in about 10 minutes and had an appointment for the hydroplasty 2 weeks later. After some initially pretty painful physical therapy sessions, I am completely cured! I suffered for 3 months with no shoulder mobility, sleep disturbance because of the aching joint and shooting pains when I moved too abruptly. The second day after my procedure, I was back in yoga class! I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s absolutely amazing. I’ve had friends that are messing around with cortisone shots and therapy and getting nowhere. Don’t wait any longer in miserable pain – get the procedure done! You will be so happy you did.

February 22, 2018

Randy H.

I wanted to share my very positive experience with TCO and particularly Dr. Hunt’s team. I had my knee replacement 8 weeks ago and am extremely happy with the results and progress I am making. I was out of the hospital in 2 days, off my walker in 2 weeks and have been in the gym on the bike, treadmill and elliptical since. I literally cried tears of joy when I walked without a limp for the first time in 21 years just 2 1/2 weeks after surgery. Dr. Hunt and his team have been extremely knowledgeable, responsive and patient throughout the process. I have also been very satisfied with my TCO physical therapy team in Eagan. I will easily refer all friends and family to Dr. Hunt and TCO going forward, thank you so much!

January 9, 2018

Carol L.

I had total knee replacement surgery approximately a year ago and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this great in around five years. Dr. Hunt was amazing along my journey. He was kind, knowledgeable and had excellent bedside manner. I also was part of the EXCEL program. The suites were perfect for recovery and having one on one nursing staff available was a plus as well. The physical therapy was great because I was provided services often and it was right down the hallway. I am back to the person I used to be – being active once again and without pain!

December 19, 2017

Rebecca L.

Dr. Allan Hunt’s expertise and caring manner provided an exceptional experience for a very difficult procedure of total knee replacement. His care team was helpful and considerate of every question, need and concern. The EXCEL program was amazing from pre-op to post-op. I could not have wished for a better scenario. I am fortunate to have been referred to such an amazing surgeon. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!

December 19, 2017

Sheryl R.

When I was told that I needed a knee replacement, I went to my friend who was the head nurse of the orthopedic department at Abbott Northwestern. She recommended Dr. Hunt and that was all the confirmation I needed because I had worked with him as an Operating Room nurse when he was a resident. Although it had been over 18 years I remembered what a nice, kind, caring person he was. I have been so happy with my outcome! The constant pain is gone and I am out doing what I was limited to before. My care at Abbott was wonderful. I would say if you are living in pain go see Dr. Hunt!

November 30, 2017

Cheryl B.

After dealing with increasing pain in my hip that limited my active lifestyle, I gave in to the fact that I would need a hip replacement. I was referred to Dr. Hunt and that decision changed my life. He and his staff made me feel very comfortable by explaining what to expect during every step my process from consultation to surgery and post surgery. It’s coming up on one year since my surgery and I’ve climbed to the top of a Mayan Temple in Mexico; went parasailing in Belize; and went zip lining in Playa Del Carmen. Dr. Hunt is a great surgeon and I would recommend him to everyone!

November 22, 2017

Keith O.

Dr. Hunt, this may seem too corny to endure, but I’ll risk it.  I find myself struggling to express the depth of my gratitude to you and the team of caring professionals you have gathered around you for the fifteen years or more you have added to my life. When I decided to go to you to replace my knees late in 2008, I was seriously facing the loss of most of my outdoor activities. In January, 2009, you and your team replaced both of my knees, and in two surgeries during 2011 you also replaced both of my shoulders. Now you have given me a new right hip.  Because of your work, I have continued to backpack with three generations of family members for days on end on Isle Royale every fall (sometimes twice in a season). Early last spring I backpacked about forty miles of the Superior Hiking trail with a friend. Libby and I have been able to tour the Peruvian Amazon and the Peruvian sacred valley, and then spend a week on the Galápagos Islands. As a pastor I made multiple trips to partner congregations in El Salvador and in Nigeria. Twice I’ve made it to Alaska, most recently with Libby for a stay with friends in Halibut Cove on Kachemak Bay. Two years ago Libby and I toured Iceland, reunited with her relatives in Sweden and with my relatives and friends in Norway. And for the last three years I’ve led delegations to explore how migratory birds connect Minnesota and Nicaragua.  All this scattered among countless forays across Minnesota and Wisconsin to go birding in remote wild corners of our region.

I only hope this little album of memories gives you some sense of my gratitude to you for your work and for my privilege of having access to this health care (when so many across the world do not).

Blessings, Keith O.

June 29, 2017

Mike H.

Dr. Hunt was thorough and went the extra mile to help with my knee problems. He has also helped my wife with shoulder surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Hunt.

December 15, 2016

Jerry S.

Quite possibly the best doctor and/or surgeon I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I don’t do surveys or customer service responses but I had to give praise to Dr. Hunt. In my life time I have had 12 surgeries and talked to countless friends about the surgeries they have had. Nothing compares to how much Dr. Hunt cares for his clients/patients, his bed side manners, ability to keep up with the latest innovations in medicine, how he treats his team and those that support him when operating. Dr. Hunt replaced both my hips and both knees. He is always positive, encouraging and sincere. I now have my life back and can get back to an active life. I recommend Dr. Hunt to everyone and anyone who has joint problems.

October 10, 2016

Jimmy B.

As a sports fanatic, it was very difficult to forego activities like golf, softball, bowling, etc. due to inability to walk or run without severe pain. Previous surgeons informed me that at my age of 57 that I was “too young” to have knee replacement surgery. Waiting an additional 18 months proved too painful and I got a referral to see the good doctor Allan. Within 30 days I had two Oxford partial knee replacements and returned home after surgery at Abbott within 36 hours. I was driving within three weeks and after successful therapy sessions I’m out golfing, trapshooting, boating and enjoying all kinds of activities. Dr. Hunt’s group at TCO and the staff at Abbott were absolutely superb and a patient couldn’t ask for any better treatment. Dr. Hunt reviewed every step of the procedure in detail and I felt comfortable with the decisions that were made for my health. You will not regret choosing Dr. Hunt as your surgeon.

August 22, 2016

Steven M.

I would recommend Dr. Hunt to anyone he is the best surgeon bar none.

*Steven had a knee replacement and shoulder replacement done with Dr. Hunt at TCO

May 2, 2016

John E.

This is the guy to go to. No kidding, he has helped me a lot, my knees and my hips are worn out. Next step will probably be surgery and Dr. Hunt is the guy to take care of me.

October 6, 2015

Mary N.

If someone ever would tell me I would look forward to an 8″ needle (I think; I never look) going straight into my hip, I would walk straight away. More likely, limp. Having seen Dr. Hunt and getting the crusty-hip-on-the-road-to-replacement diagnosis, I was given options to delay the inevitable. And this would be those injections. I had a dislocated knee in junior high and had a really bad needle in the knee joint aspiration so when Dr. Hunt suggested this, I got the queasies. Not a very willing patient. And that is where Nick Meath comes in. Straighforward, down-to-earth, deadpan funny, beyond professional Nick the Needle. He explained his ultrasound targeting procedure and assured me he just didn’t miss. And you know what? He doesn’t. While I don’t look forward to heading in for a top-off, I have come to trust Nick and his competence completely. Knowing that when my replacement day comes, Nick will be part of the surgical team reassures me to no end. I cannot commend this young man enough for the patience, care, and compassion he has shown me. He is just that good! Thank you, Nick.

September 4, 2015

John F.

Good as new! Dr. Hunt did my hip replacement and I feel great. I am back biking, swimming and hiking. I even enjoy mowing the lawn again.

John F.

June 5, 2015

Gary B.

16 weeks post surgery and I was able to return to playing volleyball. I wish the rest of my limbs felt as good as my repaired shoulder! Thanks to Dr. Hunt‘s team and physical therapy team for a near painless and quick recovery!

March 5, 2015

Dave S.

I have waited too long to do this, but I feel I now must. I want to thank Dr. Hunt for the care I received during my total knee replacement. I can’t say enough about Dr. Hunt, not only as a surgeon, but as person. His skill produces confidence; his calmness provides trust; his kindness elicits relaxation; and his patience shows he is caring. Dr. Hunt and his team are, WITHOUT QUESTION, the most professional and courteous group of care givers I have ever encountered. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

October 11, 2012

Bill R.

Bill R. of Plymouth had both of his knees replaced by Allan Hunt, MD at the same time. “Dr. Hunt was fabulous,” said Bill. Three months after the surgery and “I am playing golf totally pain free,” he said.

March 7, 2012

Gary A.

Dr. Hunt analyzed my previous scan and report, did a thorough physical evaluation and clearly explained my current injury,” said Gary A. (pictured on left) of Minneapolis. After recently suffering a shoulder injury, Gary scheduled an appointment with Allan Hunt, MD (pictured on right), of Twin Cities Orthopedics – Edina. “He took the time to listen carefully and responded in a friendly, caring and respectful way,” he said. “I also appreciated his sense of humor and down to earth manner. A great first encounter!”

Gary A.

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