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June 6, 2019 - TCO

Twin Cities Orthopedics – 2018 Year in Review Book

Last year was an incredible year for our organization. We reached new milestones, established new partnerships, and made a difference in more people’s lives than ever before.

We continue to innovate, and our commitment to value-based care, sports science, and research is propelling healthcare forward.

Our annual Year in Review is a snapshot of the year that was, and an inspiration for the years to come. View the full publication below, and look for a printed copy in all of our clinic locations.

The Year in Review: Digital Version

TCO 2018 Year in Review Book

Highlight: Why Independence Matters

In 1940, a small group of doctors in Minnesota realized that health care was getting bigger and more complicated, and some patients were paying the price. Recognizing that people deserved better, this group of seven small, independent orthopedic practices banded together to form what eventually became Twin Cities Orthopedics.

They remained an independent practice, preserving the ability for their patients to make their own health care choices and decisions. By sharing resources and expertise, they were able to maintain strong relationships and spend quality time with patients.

Today that independent model still holds true and is perhaps more important than ever. Independence grants us the freedom to think outside the box. It’s why we create solutions for better price transparency and simpler billing. It’s why we contribute important research to the field of medicine. It’s why we’re not afraid to measure our outcomes and publish the results.

By proving time and time again that our top priority is patients, their families, and our communities, we’ve earned their trust. And we’re just getting started. 

Highlight: Putting Patient Survey Data to Good Use

Thanks to the generosity of patients who filled out forms after their visits, we’ve collected nearly half a million patient surveys. That’s an incredible amount of information, and we’re grateful for every single participant. We’re using this data to make improvements across our practice and elevate the experience for everyone at TCO.

We’re working on making it easy for you to fill out forms at home because we know it results in higher patient satisfaction and more efficient clinic visits. We also know you want more guidance after surgery, so we’ve begun testing easy?to?follow post-op treatment plans. So far, 100% of patients who received a plan say their care experience exceeded their expectations. In the future, expect to see expanded initiatives.

We’re rapidly improving, and it’s all thanks to you. 

Highlight: Eagan – Viking Lakes

The year brought a number of openings, and none was bigger than Eagan – Viking Lakes. There you’ll find TCO’s public, full-service orthopedic and sports medicine facility designed in true partnership with the Minnesota Vikings and City of Eagan. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, including walk-in orthopedic urgent care, an orthopedic clinic, physical therapy, hand therapy, imaging, and the Eagan Orthopedic Surgery Center.

Next door to the clinic is Training HAUS, Powered by TCO, an elite sports performance and training facility for serious athletes at all levels of competition. High school and collegiate athletes seeking a competitive advantage, and pros refining their crafts, benefit from a team of experts under one roof.

Last but not least are the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, the home of Minnesota Vikings, and TCO Stadium, a 6,500-seat venue that plays host to events such as Vikings Training Camp, High School Prep Spotlight football games and the TCO Vikings 5K.

Highlight: Supporting The Community

Our communities are our inspiration. Every logo on a soccer jersey, name on a scoreboard, and high five at a 5K is our little way of saying thank you to the neighbors, coaches, families, and friends who we have the privilege of calling our patients. In 2018, we had the honor of sponsoring more than 475 local organizations.

Additionally, we’re incredibly proud to work with incredible athletes at every level of competition. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gold medalist or a middle school goalie, our promise to you is the same. We will utilize all of our resources – decades of experience, incredible facilities, years of research data, and specialized training – to make you a better, safer and more complete athlete. In 2018, we partnered with 17 high schools and 6 colleges and universities to provide sports medicine services to their athletic programs.

To top it all off, 2018 marked the beginning of our partnership with USA Curling to serve as its Official Sports Medicine Provider through the 2022 Winter Olympics. TCO provides strength training and conditioning, preventative care, rehabilitation and more for USA Curling athletes based in Minnesota and neighboring states.


If you have any questions, or would like to request a physical copy of the Year in Review, please email [email protected].

Thank you to our patients, community and Team TCO. You make everything at TCO possible.